Review – Look Out Ladybird & I Don’t Want to Go To Bed

Little Tiger Press: “Look Out Ladybird” & “I Don’t Want To Go To Bed”

We recently joined the Little Tiger Parents Panel along with several other families, and have been enjoying reading the books we have been sent. We always make time to read a book (or normally quite a few books) before bed and these story books from Little Tiger Press have been ideal for bedtime reading.

look out ladybird reading books

 First up is “Look Out, Ladybird!” by Jack Tickle
look out ladybird

This is a lovely colourful book featuring Lazy Ladybird. The story is all about the Ladybird trying to learn to fly but finding it difficult. She feels like she will never learn but eventually she gets it right. This is something all children will be able to empathise with and is a nice positive message that if you keep going you will achieve in the end!

On her journey Ladybird bumps into various animals and there are lots of sound effects written in the book. What I really liked about it is that her flight path is shown on every path with dotted lines so this could be traced by the child. The boys and I also enjoyed how the book has a very onomatopoeic feel and rolls off the tongue nicely. The characters are also done with very expressive faces so it’s quite a lively book.

The last page also has a fold out feature to extend the page which shows the ladybird on her way as she has finally learned to fly – although she is about to bump into a big purple bear!

i dont want to go to bed book

The next book is “I Don’t Want To Go To Bed!” by Julie Sykes and Tim Warner. This was actually supplied by Amazon Vine (a separate review programme I am on) and not the Parent’s Panel but when I saw this book available I was keen to try it out as the boys had really enjoyed the other books we had from Little Tiger Press.

This is a new version of a classic children’s book. I actually think I remember the story from when I was little myself. It is all about a tiger who doesn’t want to go to bed because he wants to stay up and play. One day his mum let’s him stay up so he goes around to see all of his friends but he finds everyone else is getting ready to go to bed, and in the end he is not sure what to do and starts to feel a bit scared so he goes back to his mum and falls asleep.

It’s a simple and cute story with loads of bright and appealing pictures throughout the book.

Both of these books were very suitable for my 4 year old, he enjoyed listening to the stories and as they are quite simple with not too many words on each page they are ideal for early readers to start reading themselves with help for some of the trickier words.

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