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I was lucky enough to win tickets to The Croods preview screening in the Empire Leicester Square, from another blog: Mum of 3 Boys.

I took my 4 year old and it was actually his first time in the cinema, and my 1st time seeing a movie in 3D and we both really enjoyed it. The 3d element of it was pretty impressive and if anyone else is like me and hadn’t got round to trying a 3d movie yet then I do recommend you give it a try!

The Croods is a brand new movie from Dreamworks, all about a family of cavemen. It’s told mainly from the point of view of Eep, of the teenage girl in the family. The family is made up of Eep, her mum, dad, granny, younger brother Thunk and baby Sandy.

The dad is really overprotective and worried about any possible dangers so he just wants to keep them all in the dark in the cave as much as possible. Naturally Eep starts to gets really frustrated with this and wants to go out, because of her curiousity about the world and what else could be out there. They then meet another character “Guy” and find out from him that it’s going to be the end of the world. Their cave gets destroyed so they have no choice but to make a change and go on a journey to find a new life.

It’s a funny movie which also has its heart warming moments, and although its slightly scary for the more sensitive child my 4 year old managed okay with it, and he does get scared easily!

Although its one for the children, I did enjoy it myself too. It’s very well made and as a lot of the background to the story is the relationship between the dad and daughter then any parents watching will be able to see it from both sides.

I think we will be looking out for it once it comes out on dvd, so that we can watch it again!

Have a look at the trailer:

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