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review tossed the healthier eating placeOver the last Christmas season we were shopping in Westfield London and were really happy to have the chance to try and review Tossed – the healthier eating place.

Tossed is situated on the mezzanine floor, alongside a variety of other eateries and although it is in a communal eating area, with food court style seating where you get your food and then sit anywhere – there is plenty of seating directly behind Tossed, and we found it spacious enough with the buggy and the 3 kids.

I had seen Tossed before but had not ever tried it, although I love wraps and salads myself, I had not been sure whether my children and husband would like it but when we all tried it I found that they liked it as much as I did!

It has a really wide menu with loads of choice of salads, hot and cold wraps and also has a special Christmas seasonal menu on at the moment – which we tried out. I had the ‘Elfy Nut Roast’ wrap. This is a filling and tasty combination of low GI sweet potatoes, blue cheese, roasted peppers, pumpkin seeds, mixed nuts tossed in French dressing, which from £4.75 for a medium salad and slightly more for a wrap. I really liked it, it had so much flavour to it and was very filling as well as being healthy. I would definitely have it again.

My other half went for the ‘Meaty Christmas Tree’t’ wrap, which combines roast turkey breast, pork stuffing, parsnips, peas, carrots, cranberry yoghurt and cranberries, tossed in an olive oil dressing – but as we don’t eat Pork we asked them to substitute the Pork into chicken and this was no problem for the staff there as they seem to be
very flexible and accommodating. He normally always moans if something seems too ‘healthy’ as he pictures that as meaning not having any meat in it and leaving him hungry however he was impressed there was plenty of meat available here and the portion size was really generous and it was flavoursome and not boring at all. I did have a bite of his wrap just to test it out and it actually tastes quite like a Christmas dinner but in a wrap! I could really taste the parsnips in it, and it was quite tasty although I liked my elfy nut roast more.

There is also a cheaper and more ‘on the go’ alternative of the Christmas wrap which is the Festive Toasted Wrap, with turkey, bacon, red onion, mayonnaise and cranberry sauce, at just £3.95.

As for the kids, I was pleased to see there was an option of choosing any 3 ingredients and making it into a kids wrap for just 2.95 which is really reasonable and perfect if your kids are a little bit fussy as you can tailor it exactly to how they would like it. The staff at the till were really happy to explain the different options on the menu and which ones you choose, which was 1 protein/meat and then 2 more from the selection of vegetables or cheeses, and then you select which dressing they would like on it.

I got 3 different varieties for my 3 children so that we could see all different combinations, so went for one with chicken goujons, one with chicken breast and one with tuna – with a different selection of cheese and vegetables in each one.

My children can be quite fussy and unfortunately I have to admit they do ask for unhealthy foods at times especially when eating out but they enjoyed the wraps and it seemed ideal for them. I found the portions plenty for them, as my children are quite young ranging from 1-4 years so for children this age you could actually get them one to share as each wrap comes in two separate halves, but for an older child I’m sure they could eat the whole thing. Tossed say they are on a mission to make healthier eating as tasty and as accessible as possible to steer kids away from unhealthy foods from an early age, and I would say they have done this well as the children enjoyed the food and were very happy to eat it. I would feel much better about giving them something like this knowing it is a healthier option, rather than giving them fast food when out.

The children also had frozen yoghurt in chocolate flavour and that was a big hit with them, they never noticed any difference that it wasn’t chocolate ice cream! and they said that they really enjoyed it.

For drinks the children had apple juice and orange juice, which was served with a straw to make it easy for them to drink. The juices looked and tasted really fresh and natural and were quite a big portion. Me and my husband had diet coke (me) and ginger beer (him) and there was quite a big choice of drinks available.

Overall we really liked tossed, and I was pleasantly surprised how much the children did enjoy it and ate up nicely as sometimes it is easier to take the safe route and get them something like chips and fish fingers but now I know that they were really happy to eat this I will definitely bring them again, and would recommend it to any of my friends for themselves and their kids.

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This review was originally written for Mummy News and our complimentary meal was arranged through them, as I am one of their team of reviewers.

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