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For a simple craft activity to keep the kids busy in half term, we decided to do painting rocks and stones. I had seen some really lovely examples on pinterest, and although ours are maybe not as impressive as some (well the kids are only 4, 3 and 1 – and I am a bit “artistically challenged” shall we say!) they really enjoyed the activity and I think the results have come out quite well.

Painting rocks to make easy glitter stones. This toddler craft is so easy and could be adapted for Fathers day!

This is a really simple activity to do, all you need is some paints, some paintbrush, some quite large smooth stones, and any extras like glitter to decorate if you want.

painting on rocks or stones

We took the easy route and bought a kit with the stones in it from the works, but now that we have done this I will be looking out for any suitable looking stones and rocks when out in the garden or park, or a similar thing could be done with shells collected on a day out at the beach.

The nice thing about painting on stones is that it adds an extra sensory element to just normal painting on paper! It really got them more excited and kept their concentration.

decorating stones with glitter

painting rocks

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  1. I absolutely love the cover photo at the top of this page, your children look so happy and engrossed! I think it’s great that they’re having so much fun exploring the textures and playing with the glitter – sparkly poo tomorrow! 😀

  2. We did this in the front garden at the start of the holidays and Ben loved it – but we’d only used your average poster paint so it all washed off anyway.
    I think when we finish the garden I might get him some different paints to paint stones to brighten things up 🙂
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