Free Printable Bugs Coloring Pages

This printable coloring page set is full of bugs to color! You can download this free coloring page set at the end of this blog post.

Your child can color their own bugs and create a fun bug collection.

Whether you love bugs, are terrified of them, or think that bugs are gross, one thing is certain – they’re everywhere! Help your kids overcome their fear of bugs with these friendly bug coloring pages. 

Bugs can be so cute. We love them in our gardens, and we love to draw them in our notebooks and coloring books. Coloring is an excellent way for kids to exercise their creativity and develop fine motor skills. In addition to coloring pages, you can use other fun activities like playdoh or slime to create creative and fun bugs that kids will enjoy.

Bugs Coloring Pages

What is your favorite animal? This set of printable coloring page is perfect for those little ones who love bugs! The pages contain pictures of bugs that are all very different and easy for little ones to color!

bugs coloring pages with worm and ladybird

Our free printable bug coloring pages are designed to be simple and easy to use while being creative and entertaining. Simply choose a coloring page template and then print and place on a sturdy surface. Each coloring page template is designed to be completed within 20 minutes. These pages are great for pre-kindergarten to 1st grade children, and will help your little one’s develop concentration and focus. Color away to a relaxing and fun afternoon!

Ladybug coloring page

Grab your red coloring pencil and get ready to color in this cheeky and cute ladybug, or ladybird, in the garden.

Don’t forget green for the leaves!

ladybug coloring page for kids

Worm coloring page

Color in this happy little worm in the garden

free printable worm coloring page bugs colouring

Bee coloring page

This bumble bee coloring page is a great way to learn about bees, we can talk about how bees make honey, and how we should save the bees.

bee coloring page for bugs theme mini beast theme

Caterpillar coloring page

Caterpillars are one of the most popular bugs to learn about, with our favorite book the Very Hungry Caterpillar, or learn about how caterpillars transform into butterflies!

free printable caterpillar coloring page

Mosquito coloring page

Watch out for the mosquito!

mosquito coloring page for kids

Butterfly coloring page

Think about symmetry when coloring your butterfly picture.

butterfly coloring page

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More Free Printable Coloring Pages

We have so many free printables for you to enjoy with the kids, here are just a few of our themes. 

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Free printable bugs colouring pages for preschoolers. Minibeasts, insects and all kind of bugs

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