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Spring is coming, and it’s the perfect time to get outside with the kids. Exploring the great outdoors, staying active and connecting with nature are some of the best gifts we can give to our children.

To make these easier, we have created a free Spring Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable to share with you all – actually, we have created two different versions, and you can download both of these at the end of this post.

Free printable nature scavenger hunt for kids in Spring time. Black and white or full color version

How does a Nature Scavenger Hunt Work?

Doing a nature scavenger hunt with the kids is super easy. Take your scavenger hunt sheet outside, and see how many of the things you can spot.

how to do a nature scavenger hunt

Once you spot an item that’s on your scavenger hunt page, circle it, color it, or mark it off on the page however you like.

The aim is to see how many of these nature items we can spot. Springtime is full of nature and blossoming new life, from plants to animals to Spring weather – spotting these will keep the kids busy and excited about the changing seasons.

little boy hunting nature with a magnifying glass for the nature scavenger hunt this spring

Things to look for in a nature scavenger hunt this Spring

Here’s a list of all the Spring themed items included on our free nature scavenger hunt printables. Ask the kids, what else could they add?

  • Ant
  • Leaf
  • Flower
  • Tree
  • Bee
  • Rain cloud
  • Rain drops
  • Cloud in the sky
  • Butterfly
  • Bird
  • Sunshine
  • Rainbow
  • Grass
  • Spider
  • Spider web
  • Snail

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.”

The best thing about these nature scavenger hunt printables is that we can spot all of these nature items and collect them on our sheets, just by ticking it off. We don’t need to pick the flowers, disturb any animals from their habitats or disrupt the natural flow of nature doing it’s thing in Spring.

This quote “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time” is an easy way for children to understand how to minimise our impact on the environment and nature. We can enjoy nature without spoiling it, and that is the best way!

ladybird on a flower spring nature scavenger hunt for kids

Photo Scavenger Hunt

A twist on the nature scavenger hunt is to make a photo scavenger hunt for the kids. This one is great for older kids, as a way to work on photography skills and bring in their own creativity.

With a photo scavenger hunt, every time you find one of the nature items on the list everyone needs to take a photograph.

This is so much fun to come together and compare everyone’s photographs at the end of the scavenger hunt and see how everyone did.

photography nature scavenger hunt idea for kids

Color and Find Spring Nature Scavenger Hunt

This free printable gives kids the chance to take part in the scavenger hunt, which is a fun way to get kids running around outdoors, staying active and getting connected to nature.

It also gives them the chance to do some coloring, as this color and find scavenger hunt doubles up as a Spring coloring page for kids.

With 13 different Spring pictures to color, kids can learn about all of the different things to spot in nature during Spring time.

Spring coloring nature scavenger hunt page

This option is perfect if you have a black and white printer, rather than a color printer, or if you are low on ink.

Coloring is great for kids fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination so this version brings all of those benefits too!

Full Color Spring Nature Scavenger Hunt

If you prefer to go with a full color nature scavenger hunt which is already filled with bright colors to grab your little one’s attention, then go with this version.

The great thing about this colorful nature scavenger hunt printable is that you can use it again and again. Print and laminate, or use some of these great re-useable pockets (affiliate link) and this activity will be ready to pull out again and again as you can write and then wipe.

full color reusable Spring nature scavenger hunt printable for kids. Great springtime activity to keep kids busy outdoors and learning about nature

Download in PDF Format

Click the download link below for your free instant digital download of the Nature Scavenger hunt PDF file.

The file contains both the black and white, and full color versions.

Terms of use: Download and print this file free for personal use – free for classroom use – free for community group use.


Here’s an affiliate link to the re-usable wipe clean pockets we mentioned earlier, they are great for this type of printable activity and are super versatile.

You can also get the wipe clean pens in packs of multiple colors, which makes using them even more fun. We have a set with all kinds of fun colors, which my 5 year old little girl loves!

Using clipboards can also be really useful to keep the printable page steady while kids are running around outdoors. You don’t want the print outs flying away in the wind, so keeping it steady on a clipboard can make the whole activity run much smoother.

Bringing along a magnifying glass can also be a fun addition to this Spring nature activity. Kids of all ages enjoy using magnifying glasses for nature hunts, so they can see things in a little more detail. Flowers, leaves, tree bark, ants, ladybirds and other bugs all look so cool and fascinating when you can see a little closer!

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We hope you enjoy this free printable Spring scavenger hunt for kids, and have fun exploring nature together!

Please go ahead and share this blog post with friends and family, other parents and educators so everyone can make use of this free activity.

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free printable nature scavenger hunts for kids this spring

Enjoy and happy nature hunting!

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