Lifecycle of a Frog Printable Activities

Learn about the lifecycle of a frog with this printable set of worksheets.

These frog lifecycle printables include drawing prompts, space to write and trace the words and write what you have learnt about the life cycle of the frog.

Kids of all ages will enjoy learning about the lifecycle of a frog and how it turns from an egg into a tadpole, froglet and finally a frog.

The writing element of this activity is most developmentally suited for young school aged children (KS1 or elementary)

life cycle of a frog worksheet printable

Step by Step Lifecycle of a Frog

This set of lifecycle work sheets takes you through the four stages of a Frog’s development, with space to draw, write and answer on every page

stages of lifecycle of a frog
  1. Frog Eggs also known as Frog Spawn
  2. Tadpole
  3. Froglet
  4. Frog

You can also print out these pictures, cut out and ask the children to put them in order. This activity works for younger children too.

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Stage 1 – Frogs Eggs

frogs eggs frog spawn
frog life cycle work sheet

Stage 2 Tadpole

tadpoles worksheet life cycle of a frog

Stage 3 – Froglet

froglet life cycle of a frog worksheet

Stage 4 – Frog

fully grown frog
life cycle of a frog printable worksheet

Frog Life Cycle Facts and Questions

How Long Does It Take For A Tadpole To Turn Into A Frog?

This process takes approx 14-16 weeks

How Long is a Frog Pregnant?

A frog lays eggs which take between 3-25 days to hatch

How Many Eggs Does A Frog Lay At A Time?

Only a small amount, from 2-12

What Time Of Year Do Frogs Lay Eggs?

Around February to March

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free printable frog lifecycle worksheets for kids

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