Fine Motor Sun Craft to work on Number Matching

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Fine Motor Sun Craft for Number Matching

The sun has been shining high in the sky over here in Ireland, so I have been busy pegging out lots of washing on our washing line. Bella has been very keen to help me out and with a boost up from a little step, she has been happily pegging out some of her own clothes.

Opening and closing pegs is a great activity for preschoolers, as it gives the muscles in their fingers a great workout, helping to strengthen their fine motor skills. Bella starts big school after the summer holidays, so we have been doing lots of fine motor work at home to get her hands strong and ready for learning to write.

And all of that pegging out in the sunshine inspired this fun Fine Motor Paper Plate Sun Craft, which works on building fine motor and number recognition skills.

How to make a Fine Motor Sun Craft for Preschoolers


All you will need for this easy activity are a few basic supplies you probably already have around the house. So gather them up and let’s go!

  • 10 wooden pegs / clothes pins
  • 1 paper plate
  • Yellow paint
  • Sponges
  • Black marker pen

Preparation Ahead of the activity

I chopped a washing up sponge in half and poured yellow paint into the centre of a paper plate. I then asked Bella to help me cover the pegs in yellow paint using the little pieces of sponges. These were going to be our sun rays.

Fine motor sun craft 1

Once all of the pegs had been painted, Bella then used her sponge to paint all over the paper plate, which was going to form the body of our sun.

Fine motor sun craft 2

When everything had dried I added the numbers 1-10 onto the pegs and the paper plate.

Doing the activity

I sat down with Bella and she began by exploring the different numbered pegs. This mainly involved pegging them onto her own and my fingers.

After a few minutes I picked up the paper plate sun and talked to Bella about the numbers on the pegs and paper plate and asked her to have a go at matching the number on the sun ray, to the corresponding number on the paper plate sun.

She had a good go at matching them up in the correct order. I stepped in when she was struggling, but it wasn’t a bad effort for her first attempt.

Fine motor sun craft 3

I have popped these pieces into a busy bag now, to bring out with us on trips over the summer holidays when we are in need of a quick distraction in the car or a cafe.

Fine motor sun craft 4

Printable Instructions Card

Use our create card below if you want a simplified version for easy printing

Paper Plate Sun with Wooden Clothes Pegs Fine Motor Craft

Paper Plate Sun with Wooden Clothes Pegs Fine Motor Craft

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Easy fine motor craft for preschoolers this summer. Make a paper plate sun shine which can be used for a simple number matching activity to help get little ones ready for school


  • 10 wooden pegs / clothes pins
  • 1 paper plate
  • Yellow paint
  • Sponges
  • Black marker pen



  1. Paint clothes pegs yellow using the sponges
  2. Paint paper plate yellow using the sponges
  3. Allow to dry
  4. Add numbers to the pegs and the paper plate sun using black markers
  5. Kids can match up the numbers on the pegs and the plate to add the sun's rays all around the edges, to create a shining sun
  6. Store in a ziplock bag and bring this out again and again as a busy bag


If you prefer you can use this activity for letter recognition or other matching games, just switch up what you write on the pegs and the paper plate

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Fine motor sun craft to work on number matching

Happy crafting!

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