Cardboard Tube Bumble Bee Craft

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We love crafting with cardboard tubes, or toilet paper rolls. This cute bumble bee craft is actually one T made a while back, getting the idea from his school, but I hadn’t got around to sharing with you until now.

This idea would work well for a mini beast theme or if you’re looking for a simple craft to keep the kids busy during the summer holidays then this one is quite quick and not too messy.

cardboard tube bumble bee craft


To make this craft you will need:

  • 1 toilet paper roll, or kitchen roll cut in half
  • yellow paper
  • black paint
  • tracing paper
  • peach card
  • red and black pens
  • 2 black pipe cleaners
  • glue or tape

How to make the bumble bee craft

Draw out some lines on the yellow paper, and paint in the black stripes.

Wrap your paper around the cardboard tube and glue down.

Cut out wing shapes from your tracing paper. Using tracing paper gives a nice semi-opaque fluttery effect for the wings.

Tape or glue your wings onto the back of the cardboard tube. To help it stick well, double sided tape works well, or a line of normal cellotape all the way down the back.

Cut out a circle for the face, and draw on it’s smiley face features – then glue on to the body

Glue on the pipe cleaner antennae and then you’re done.

Ta da… one cute bumble bee craft, to display or to play with.

cardboard tube bumble bee craft for kids

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