Free Printable Bugs I-SPY and Count and Graph

Today we have a couple more fun educational printables for your bug theme learning.

These two bug worksheets are great for early numeracy skills with lots of counting, graphing and number writing.

These printable activities are designed for preschoolers or kindergarten age kids (EYFS in the UK) but follow your child’s lead and ability to see what is appropriate.

Bugs I-Spy Page

With this activity, kids need to search for each of the six different types of bugs on the page and then count up how many they can find for each type of creature and record the number in the spaces at the bottom of the page.

In this page, we will be hunting for worms, spiders, crickets, flies, grubs and snails.

bugs I spy page printable activity for preschoolers

Have the kids record the numbers in the spaces, and then talk about which number is highest and lowest. So which bug is most common, and most rare, in this garden?

Bugs Count and Graph

You can continue the discussion of highest and lowest, more and less with the bugs count and graph page.

Count and graph worksheets are a great way to display these numbers in a visual format, letting children see and understand the numbers and quantities easily.

These activities reinforce counting and number recognition up to ten, while linking in nicely to the bugs theme.

In this bugs count and graph worksheet we will be hunting for ladybugs, bumble bees, beetles and dragon flies

free printable bugs count and graph worksheet

To extend the activity you can have kids make their own count and graph or I-spy page challenges for their friends, using bug stickers to add different amounts of each kind of bug.

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We hope you enjoyed these numeracy activities for preschoolers, based on a bugs theme.

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bugs theme counting activities for preschoolers free printable worksheets

Happy bug hunting!

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