How to Draw Bugs Printables

Learn to draw all different kinds of bugs with these free printable how to draw bugs pages. These guide pages will show kids how to draw each of the bugs step by step, and so satisfying to complete.

Bugs are a fascinating topic for kids of all ages. Some kids may be a little scared, but they are usually also very curious about these little tiny creatures.

how to draw bugs grid pages for drawing practice

Free Printable How to Draw Pages

These how to draw pages are easy to use, with a grid to help guide kids on how to copy the image with the right proportions.

Kids can work square by square to copy the picture and fill in the bottom grid to complete their own beautiful mini beast drawings.

All you need for this bug drawing activity is

  • Printer
  • Printables downloaded from this blog post
  • Pencil
  • Eraser for any mistakes
  • Optional – colored pencils to color the completed drawing

In this printable pack kids will learn how to draw

  • Ladybug (aka ladybird in the UK)
  • Bumble bee
  • Butterfly
  • Spider
  • Ant
kids finding bugs bug hunt activity

If your kids are inspired to take it further and try their own bug drawings you could have a go at drawing a worm, a centipede, a woodlouse, a mosquito, a dragonfly, a caterpillar… have the kids list any other creepy and fantastic bugs that they can think of.

How to Draw Bugs and Minibeasts

Use our free printable drawing guides and grids to learn how to draw all of your favorite bugs and creepy crawlies.

How to draw a ladybug Printable Worksheet

Follow the step by step guide with each square in the grid to complete the ladybug and his spots, his antenna, his ladybug wings and cute little face.

how to draw a ladybug

How to draw a bee Printable Worksheet

Drawing a bumble bee is so easy with this printable page. Get your yellow and black crayons ready to color in your new bumble bee friend.

If you like bumble bees, make this cute cardboard tube bumble bee craft too.

how to draw a cute bumble bee

How to draw a butterfly Printable Worksheet

This page will show you how to draw a cute butterfly.

We have more how to draw butterfly pages alongside our selection of butterfly coloring pages so check those out too.

how to draw a butterfly

How to draw a spider Printable Worksheet

Learn how to draw a spider, great for a mini beast theme or for Halloween. Make sure to include all eight legs!

how to draw a spider step by step grid

How to draw an ant Printable Worksheet

Ants are such a fascinating topic to learn about. These hardworking creatures work in a team to get their job done.

how to draw an ant

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More Bugs Activities

These free printables and easy crafts are perfect for your bugs theme or mini beasts topic.

We hope these will give you some inspiration for learning about insects and all kinds of small creatures.

bug activities for kids

Bugs Toys and Resources

Get some ideas for toys, books and materials to go alongside your Bugs theme for preschool.

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