10 Ocean Coloring Pages for Kids

This collection of cute ocean coloring pages will help little ones who enjoy ocean themes develop their creativity while having fun.

Our oceans are home to dolphins, whales, sharks, turtles, narwhals, and tons of other cool ocean animals.

In fact, there are so many amazing creatures in our oceans, we decided to put together this collection of printable ocean coloring pages featuring adorable and friendly ocean animals that we hope you’ll enjoy sharing with your little ones.

ocean friends coloring pages for kids

The printable ocean coloring pages for kids can help the kids to learn about marine life and nature. All the marine animals are very cute!

There’s no denying it – children love to be outside in nature, and exploring the great outdoors is a fantastic way to teach them about the world around us. Most kids also love water, and animals, so an ocean topic is one of the most popular preschool themes for young kids. 

Free Printable Ocean Animals Coloring Pages for Kids

Coloring is the perfect activity to help kids relax and focus their minds.

If you love ocean animals, this free printable coloring book is for you! With 10 free printable coloring pages for kids of all ages with cute ocean animals is perfect for kids from toddlers to preschoolers and upwards.

Here are 10 different coloring pages that will keep your kid busy while she colors and learns about oceans, seas and the beautiful creatures that live there.

Each coloring sheet also prompts your kiddos to pick a name for each of the underwater animals.

My little girl and her cousin both love picking names for their animals and characters (right now, my daughters favorite name for all the creatures is “Rainbow”) so I added this line to all of the ocean friends coloring pages for a little extra fun and creativity.

Cute Mermaid and Dolphin Coloring Page

The dolphin is an extremely intelligent underwater creature. This magnificent and gentle beast is a favorite with kids everywhere.

Dolphins travel in groups called pods.

This fun dolphin coloring page has a mermaid too for some mystical and magical under the sea fun.

mermaid and dolphin coloring page

Adorable Mermaid and Turtle Coloring Page

The mermaid is back and this time in a beautiful underwater scene with a friendly sea turtle.

Grab some gorgeous greens, blues, turquoise and teal to make this marine scene really pop.

cute sea turtle coloring page

Jelly Fish Coloring Page

Jellyfish are an incredible species that are made from over 90% water.

These cool creatures come in all kinds of vibrant colors from pink, yellow, blue or purple to clear, or even bioluminescent meaning they glow and produce their own light.

This is a great opportunity to get out your bright neon colors! And don’t forget to color the ocean background too.

jellyfish coloring page for kids

Sting Ray Coloring Page

Sting rays are one of the friendliest and most social gentle sea creatures you will see when you visit the aquarium, or maybe even get the chance to swim next to sting rays in the ocean!

Their flat faces are always quick to show a friendly smile, and they move and swim by flapping their “wings”

sting ray coloring page for kids

Whale Coloring Page

There are around 90 different types of whale species in our oceans. Can the kids recognise what type this big guy is?

whale coloring page printable for kids

Star Fish Coloring Page

The star fish is a wonderful creature. Kids can color this cute picture of a star fish on the beach.

Starfish habitats include rocky shores and tidal pools, but also down on the deep sea floor.

star fish coloring page

Narwhal Coloring Page

Narwhals are actually a type of whale. Because of their one horn, they have the nickname of “The Unicorn of the Sea”

Their horns are made of ivory just like elephant tusks and they can use these to check water temperate, and water pressure around them.

narwhal coloring page

Shark Coloring Page

There are around 400 different species of sharks in our oceans. Children are always fascinated by sharks, and their sharp teeth.

Sharks may get a bad reputation as being fearsome killers but sharks and their behaviour benefits the whole ocean eco system. They help to regulate different species and without them many many other species would overpopulate, run out of food and then die.

shark coloring page for kids

Sea Horse Coloring Page

Sea horses are wonderful and beautiful ocean animals for kids to color.

Some cool facts about sea horses are that they mate for life and the male seahorses have the babies.

sea horse coloring page printable

Tropical Fish Coloring Page

Our final ocean themed coloring page has to be a fish! You can’t think of the ocean without including fish, there are so many species, colors and varieties.

Which type of fish is your favorite? This tropical fish picture could be colored in so many different patterns and shades. Print out a few and let the kids make a variety.

tropical fish coloring page ocean coloring for kids

Our kids have been loving these adorable ocean coloring pages!

From whales and sea turtles to sharks and octopuses, there are so many different ocean animals for kids to enjoy.

Download PDF

Grab your own copy of all ten ocean friends coloring pages in one PDF file by clicking below.

This is a free instant digital download.

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More Ocean Crafts and Activities

There are so many ways to teach kids about the ocean. Whether it’s paper plate fish crafts, ocean sensory play or shark crafts for kids, there is always a way to make ocean education fun and exciting for young children.

You could also take a visit to an aquarium or a field trip to the beach to see what wild life you can spot in the sea or in the tide pools and rock pools.

Inspiration for the Ocean Coloring Pictures

You can use these ocean themed color pages the usual way with wax crayons, pencil crayons, or felt tips but if you want to mix it up how about these ideas…

Use water color paints to color each picture to give it a watery ocean feel

Use bubble wrap to print textured paint patterns on your ocean scene

Use bubbles mixed with colored paint to blow bubbles and allow them to pop on your ocean picture to create a cool effect

Add glitter, gems, and sparkles to make the ocean pictures extra shiny and sparkly. Choose bio glitter for the most eco friendly choice for our ocean friends!

Take a large blue piece of paper and once you’ve finished coloring, cut out all of the ocean animals and glue them on the blue background to create an ocean collage. Next you could add all kinds of materials for texture and detail – check out our winter collage process art for inspiration on materials.

Clean the ocean printable activity

While learning about our seas and oceans, it’s important to learn about the importance of keeping them clean and preventing pollution which can harm the animals for whom the ocean is their home.

This page from our free printable earth day activities fits in great with an ocean theme, you can download it on the earth day coloring pages post by clicking through.

clean up the ocean printable activity


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ocean coloring pages for kids

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