Earth Day Coloring Pages and Printable Activities for Kids

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Earth Day comes around each year on April 22nd and this year we have a set of free Earth Day Coloring Pages and Printable Activities for Kids.

This free printable pack contains 8 pages of Earth day coloring, worksheets, and fun printable games all with an Earth Day theme to encourage children to love our Earth and take good care of it. After all, this one Earth is the only home we have! So let’s celebrate Mother Earth together this Earth Day.

Earth Day one world sign

From coloring pages to word searches and games, these simple activities for kids will help you teach them about the importance of protecting the environment while encouraging creativity and imagination.

You can download all of these coloring pages and activity sheets at the end of this blog post.

Earth Day Coloring Pages

Are you a fan of coloring? If you want to do something fun for your little ones on April 22, we’ve got you covered!

These Earth Day coloring pages and printable activities will keep kids entertained and remind them about our planet too!

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Re-use Re-cycle Coloring Page for Earth Day

Get your green pencils and crayons ready to color in this Earth Day recycling sign and remind us all to re-use and recycle.

Love Our Earth Coloring Page for Earth Day

Earth Day is all about loving our planet, so color this page to create your own Earth Day poster to display this April.

You will need plenty of blue and green colors. You could even use this earth picture as a template and color it in using ripped scraps of old magazines.

Happy Earth Day Coloring Page for Kids

Color this page to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day, as we all care for our Earth together.

Earth Day Color and Write Page

This Earth Day coloring page has space to write your own Earth Day message, Earth Day poem or Earth Day pledge.

Kids could write down their intentions of how to take care of the Earth and the little changes we can make in the year ahead. Every little thing can make a difference!

You can also use this coloring page to make a printable Earth Day card.

Earth Day Worksheets for Kids

Earth Day Word Search Worksheet for Kids

The Earth Day words included are

  • earth
  • forest
  • energy
  • solar
  • recycle
  • trash
  • reuse
  • plant
  • air
  • green
  • clean
  • wind

Earth Day Word Scramble Work Sheet for Kids

Mix up the letters to make some words, all on the topic of our Earth and how to treat it better.

There are eight Earth Day themed words to unscramble, and write each one in it’s place on the worksheet.

Earth Day Word Scramble Answers

The answers if you need them are:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • Water
  • Tree
  • Plant
  • Walk
  • Bicycle

Earth Day Printable Activities for Kids

Recycle Sort Activity

In this game, kids need to put each piece of recycling into the correct box. You can draw lines to match each item to the right place, or cut out the items and place each one into the correct box.

To play this as a game, cut out all of the pieces and place them face down. Each child can take turns to pick up a piece of rubbish and see if they can place it into the correct recycling bin.

The three categories of recycling bin included are

  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Plastic

And there are items to clear up including newspapers, glass and plastic bottles, plastic forks and more.

recycling game for kids to play earth day free printable

You might also like our fun DIY recycled game idea: Match and Recycle

Clean the Ocean Activity

This game is all about cleaning up the ocean. Have the kids take a look at the picture and circle all of them items that don’t belong in the ocean.

How many pieces of rubbish can you find? Write the total in the circle at the top.

In this ocean Clean up picture, kids can find all kinds of unnecessary trash including cans, bottles and old tires. This is a great reminder of why we should dispose of all our rubbish properly!

ocean clean up activity sheet for kids

Try some of our ocean crafts to go alongside this activity

More Earth Day Crafts and Activities

Have fun making and creating with these Earth Day crafts with gorgeous blue and green colors just like our Earth.

Make your own recycled bracelet, or recycled glass pencil holder.

Making a change to help our planet is down to all us. When we all do our part, we can make a difference.

Start with the little things: For example, you could start by talking about the recycling bin in your home or classroom. Help your children learn about what happens to the items they bring into your home, and give them a few ideas of how to recycle things that they bring in, such as wrapping paper.

Consider our food: You can also talk to your child about the amount of food that they eat and where it comes from. Show your children where food comes from and where it goes.

Be a good role model: Showing kids how you live can be more effective than telling them, and they can learn from your example.

Do your homework: Make sure you’re using the right products that are safe and will not harm your family and the environment. If you’re working on a school project, encourage your students to use environmentally-friendly products. For example, ask your students to research the resources that went into making the materials they used

child recycling

Download PDF

Click below to download all eight free printable activities in one convenient PDF file for easy at home printing.

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Earth Day is an important holiday for kids to learn about the importance of our planet. These Earth Day coloring pages for kids can help with this!

Please go ahead and share our free Earth Day resources with friends and family so that even more parents and educators can benefit from these free printable activities.

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Free printable earth day coloring pages for kids

Happy Earth Day!

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