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We love paper plate crafts. A paper plate is such a simple material that can be easily transformed into so many things! This is another quick and easy, and pretty mess free paper plate craft idea that Mr Z made last year as he was in “Whale class” in school.

Ever since my son was a toddler, we have been working on crafts together. One of our favorite crafts to do is paper plate crafts. A paper plate is such a simple material that can be easily transformed into so many things! This is another quick and easy, and pretty mess free paper plate craft idea that you can do with your child today.

Easy paper plate whale craft for kids

Supplies for the Paper plate whale

To make this simple paper plate whale craft you will need:

  • 1 Paper plate per whale
  • Blue paint
  • 1 googly eye per whale
  • Black marker
  • Blue paper for the extra bits
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make a paper plate whale

  • Paint the whole paper plate blue, and leave it to dry.
  • Once dry, cut a piece from the bottom of the paper plate – about one quarter of the plate as you can see in the pictures here
  • Draw out and cut the shapes for the water coming out of the whale, and the piece of paper for the tale. Use your blue paper for this and stick them together as shown
  • Add the googley eye
  • Add a smile or extra details using your black marker pen

Your paper plate whale is all done! This is an easy craft for young children to do by themselves, or for toddlers to do with a little help. It’s great for an underwater theme.

Blue Paper plate whale craft for kids

Isn’t it so cute?

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More Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Paper plate crafts for kids are both inexpensive and easy to make. They are great for parents who want to craft with their children but don’t have a lot of time on their hands, and if you have left over paper plates after organising a party then crafting is an ideal way to use them up in a fun and productive way. 

child's hand with blue paint

There are many different paper plate crafts that one can create, such as wall decor, 3D figures, and even wearable accessories – the only limit is your imagination.

Making these crafts is a great way for children to use their imagination and creativity while also learning about the process of crafting.

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Do you have a favourite paper plate craft? Share your ideas in the comments

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