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Summer is my favourite time of the year and I am loving this heatwave! If you are looking for a beach themed party this post is what you need.

We will share with you some easy beach decoration ideas and simple beach party snacks to make your Summer Beach Party the best one yet!

Veggie Snacks Platter

If you are planning a Summer Themed Party you want it to be easy and stress free. And for snacks, you want them to be nutritious but also light and fresh. But what if they are also freaking cute.

My daughter is the definition of a picky eater but she would absolutely fall in love with these adorable beach themed snacks.

This vegetable platter has Mr. Crab as the main character. The colours are eye catching and all you need is to cut the veggies in and arrange them to make it pop out! How cool and also refreshing for the hot days!

For this platter you will need yellow, red and orange bell peppers, baby carrots, cucumbers and sauce of your choice.

We chose sour cream to get some colour contrast. Oh and don’t forget the googly eyes!

Fruit Platter and Pineapple Doughnuts

For the ones with a sweet tooth, these fruit platters are to die for. The watermelon shark is easy to carve and the kids will love it! Is also great to keep them hydrated.

For the other platter you will need bananas, kiwis and easy peelers. Slice them all to make it easy for them to grab. Finger foods are the best for little ones so we don’t have to worry about washing after.

How cute is this fruit palm! I love how the easy peelers resemble sand. This is one of my favourite Beach Themed Party idea and is so incredibly easy to prepare.

Who doesn’t love doughnuts! With a few cut outs and a popsicle stick you can transform them into pineapples!

Fruit skewers are also a great option. Use different colour grapes, mangoes and strawberries to add even more colour to the table and more fruit variation to the party.

The melon boats are so easy to make. A few sail cut outs and popsicle sticks and look how cool these look.

Melons are so versatile and also very good to keep everyone hydrated.

I can only imagine how delicious these boats will taste straight out of the fridge on a hot day.

Jello Boats & Buckets and Spade

These jello boats are definitely one of my favourites. Cut out some sails and glue them to a popsicle stick and voila…adorable jello boats and so refreshing!

With a few buckets and spades you can create this adorable crisps station.

Add popcorn or any beige looking crisps to make it look like sand so you stay on theme.

Cold Snacks & Refreshments

Add some ice to a bucket and fill it with lots of ice lollies to add colour and more refreshing snacks.

To keep everybody cool you can add ice to a small paddling pool and fill it with different beverages for the grown ups too!

This way you they can help themselves and we can focus on keeping the kids cool and fed. What a fantastic hack!

Make sure to have a variety of drinks to cater for everyone and to add colour. I would focus on fruity and light options, but beers are also great!


These jellyfish lamps are the perfect decoration for your Summer Themed Party. How adorable!

Colourful bunting is my go to decoration for most party. They are easy and instantly transform the atmosphere.


And what better to keep the kids happy and also cool then a water fight! Fill up some balloons with water and some water guns and let them go wild. Don’t be surprised if the grown ups join in the fun!

If you can, get a sandpit and some beach toys to create a beach themed corner, with some beach chairs and table that will be the parents favourite part.

You can also get some colourful chalk and let the kids decorate the walls. How creative and fun for everyone!

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day is all about inspiration and creativity. This post showed you how easy is to take any party to the next level without much investment.

If you enjoyed this post, pleas share and check out the below links for more Summer themed ideas to keep the kids busy:

Pictures credit: Stacey from Facebook – used with permission

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