Textured Winter Collage Craft

Sometimes easy crafts are the best with young kids. This textured winter collage craft is something that even young toddlers can make independently and do their own thing with. It’s not about having a fixed end result, but more about exploring the materials and putting them together however your child would like.

Textured Winter Collage Craft simple mixed media process art for toddlers

To make a textured winter picture, gather together some materials that fit the winter colour scheme: whites, blues, silvers… ask your little one which colours they would see in winter, or what colours make them think of “cold”

Here R used: white kitchen roll, white cotton wool, silver tin foil / aluminium foil, and blue paint.

Black card makes a good background, to give contrast from the white.

You could also try white cotton wool pads, blue tissue paper or scraps of blue paper in different shades, black and white newspaper scraps, white paint, kleenex tissues, shiny silver sweet wrappers – or anything else you have to hand.

Let your toddler get creative sticking the materials down however they would like. Either white glue or a glue stick will work well for this.

These are some that R made last year.

textured winter collage craft for kids, process art idea textured winter collage idea for toddlers


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textured mixed media winter collage art idea for kids

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