Bubble Wrap Print Painting

Bubble wrap print painting is a really fun process art painting activity. It’s very simple to set up, and lots of fun for all ages. We have done this as an after school activity, or for rainy days at home.

You can use the bubble wrap print paintings to make pictures or crafts, or just enjoy the process!

bubble wrap print painting process art activity

Supplies needed for bubble wrap print painting

  • Bubble wrap (the large or small type – either is fine!)
  • Paint in any colour
  • Paint brush
  • Plain paper

It’s always fun to experiment with painting on different textures, and since bubble wrap always instantly attracts my children this one was a hit with them.

To make the prints, first we squeeze some paint onto the bubble wrap

squeezing paint onto bubble wrap ready fro bubble wrap paintingThen, take your paint brush and spread the paint all around. You don’t want too much paint in one space as the print will be less clear, so don’t over do it with the paint.

painting on bubble wrap


You can try any colour combination that you like for different effects

painting on bubble wrapOnce you have painted the bubble wrap and are happy with the design, take your plain paper and make a print

IMG_3657Press down gently to make sure that the paper picks up the design



Carefully lift up, and you have your print.



You can use them to make blossom trees for Spring, or adapt to any design. We made some similar bubble wrap painted trees for Autumn, but using bubble wrap as a mitten.

bubble wrap print painting blossom tree spring art for kidsThe results of bubble wrap print painting are simple but effective and a great way to explore pattern and texture.

bubble wrap print painting

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