Winter PomPom Mats Free Printable Fine Motor Activity for Kids

A great way to get your kids’ motor skills going in the right direction is by getting them involved in fun games and activities that give the chance to practice these skills through play.

These 14 Winter pompom mats are a fine motor activity for kids that helps develop hand eye coordination and finger strength as children use their pincer grip to pick up and place the small pieces.

It also has the added benefit of helping them to develop a positive attitude towards the winter months. And the best thing is, it’s FREE!

These printable fine motor activity mats are designed for young kids around ages 2-6 to help them develop hand-eye coordination, practice their handwriting, and stimulate their minds.

free printable set of 14 winter Pom Pom mats a fun printable activity to help work on fine motor skills

Printable fine motor activities for kids are great to have on hand when you need a quick and simple activity that will keep your child’s mind and hands active.

How to use Pom Pom Mats and the Fine Motor Benefits

Did you know that fine motor skills grow and develop rapidly in a child’s first five years and continue to improve until the age of 18?

That’s why we created these fun Winter PomPom Mats! These colorful mats are the perfect way for kids to exercise their fingers and practice their handwriting.

fine motor Pom Pom mat page

Each of the mats has a different winter picture that can be created by placing coloured pom poms carefully on the mat, following along with the placements that are shown.

These mats also have the words to trace at the bottom, for the added benefit of handwriting practice.

For young children these Pom Pom mats are also a fun way to work on colour recognition and colour matching.

using learning resources wipeable wallets for tracing printables to make them re-usable wipe clean

How to use the Winter Pom Pom Mats

I like to use these (affiliate) Learning Resources wipe clean wallet folders for this type of printable. When you have a printable that you want to use over and over, the wallet gives added protection and means that you can use it over and over again, and with the tracing when the kids write on the wallet with white board marker you can erase that and re-use as many times as you like.

Learning Resources Wipe Clean Pockets

You can keep these printables in one of the wallet folders and store them together with a mixed bag of Pom poms so that this activity is ready to grab and go with zero prep time.

Craft Planet Pompoms Neon, Pack of 100, Multi-Colour

Alternative way to play: Kids can use the printable pages and Pom poms with glue to create a longer lasting picture. Just glue down each Pom Pom firmly into place to create a 3D Pom Pom craft.

Winter Themed Fine Motor Pom Pom Mats

Here’a a preview of the 14 different Pom Pom mat pictures that are included within this free printable pack.

Snowman Pom Pom Mat

Use fine motor skills to place the green, red, black, white and orange Pom poms to form a snowman picture

For even more snowman craft ideas try making our snowman paper plate craft, snowman potato printing, snowman painted rocks, make snowman Christmas cards or try our free printable snowman cut and glue games

Winter Mitten Pom Pom Mat

Use some fluffy Pom poms to make the shape of a nice warm cosy mitten for your cold hands! This mat uses green, white and red Pom poms but kids can experiment with different colours too to change up the mitten design.

You could also make our easy winter mitten craft

Pine Tree Pom Pom Mat

Make a pine tree shape with this winter Pom Pom mat. Once kids have followed the mat to create their pine tree, why not get creative and add coloured Pom poms on top to decorate just like a Christmas tree!

For more Christmas tree fun, have a go at making these Christmas tree brownies with the kids or have some fun with peppermint play dough Christmas trees

Ice Skate Pom Pom Mat

Strengthen your fine motor skills by putting together this cool ice skate picture using Pom poms. This mat calls for red and blue Pom poms.

For more hands on fun, make these craft stick ice skaters with the kids – using real ice!

Snowflake Pom Pom Mat

Can you put together a snowflake shape using just Pom poms? Follow along with this Pom Pom mat to make your own snowflake with icy blue Pom poms.

You could also have some fun with our snowflake coloring pages, practise cutting with our cupcake liner snowflake craft (both also great for fine motor skills!) or make your own snowflake from clothes pegs.

Penguin Pom Pom Mat

Put together your own cheeky little penguin out of black, white and orange Pom poms. Isn’t he cute?!

Why not make some penguin finger puppets too, or your own portable penguin small world?

Winter Boot Pom Pom Mat

Make a nice warm winter boot with pink and purple Pom poms

Cup Pom Pom Mat

Make yourself a nice mug of hot cocoa out of red and yellow Pom poms with this winter cup themed Pom Pom mat.

Winter Ski Hat Pom Pom Mat

Follow the shape of the Pom poms to make a nice warm and cost winter hat to ski in, this mat uses red and white Pom poms.

Earmuffs Pom Pom Mat

Don’t forget to keep your ears warm! Fill in all the Pom Pom spaces on this mat to make your own grey and orange earmuff picture.

Ski goggles

Ski goggles are a must have winter accessory if you’re out hitting the slopes! Make this picture with blue and black Pom poms

Winter Scarf Pom Pom Mat

Use your pink, white and green Pom poms to create a warm and cosy winter scarf with this Pom Pom mat.

You might also like our winter clothing coloring pages with warm scarves, hats, gloves and more to color in and decorate.

Christmas gift Pom Pom mat

What do you think will be inside the gift? First, you need to decorate the gift shape with Pom poms!

Bell Pom Pom Mat

Make a golden jingle bell using orange and red Pom poms, with this winter themed Pom Pom mat.


Are you looking for an easy, cheap and fun way to get your child’s fine motor skills off to a flying start? Then you will want to download this free, printable Winter PomPom Mats activity packet.

Click the download button below for your free instant digital download of all of these pages in PDF format.

This activity is available to print for free for personal use or classroom use.


We wanted to create a set of printable mats that would be a low-cost, no-prep solution for millions of other busy parents who want to help their kids develop good fine motor skills.

Please feel free to share with friends and family so that other children can give it a try! We always appreciate pins to your Pinterest boards.

free printable set of 14 winter Pom Pom mats a fun printable activity to help work on fine motor skills

Thank you for sharing, and we hope you enjoy!

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