Upcycled Snowman Collage Cards

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Todays craft is making easy Upcycled Snowman Thank You Cards

Before you throw all of your Christmas cards into the recycling bin, keep a few aside and upcycle them into Snowmen. They will look great stuck onto the front of your post-Christmas thank you cards.

Upcycled snowman collage cards, to turn old Christmas cards into thank you cards

Sitting down with your children to make and write thank you cards together, is a great way to teach your children the importance of showing gratitude and giving thanks for the gifts that they have received from close family and friends. It is also provides an ideal opportunity to get your kid’s fingers moving and creative juices flowing again after the break from school.

How to make a Snowman Collage Card


  • Christmas cards
  • Egg Cup
  • Pens and pencils
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper
  • White Paint
  • Cotton Buds (Q-tips)


Place the egg cup over a white section on the back or inside of a card and draw around it. Repeat 3 times.


Cut out the circles of white card.


Turn the card over and cut out 2 strips of card to use for the snowman’s scarf and a hat shaped piece.

Fold a sheet of construction paper in half and glue the pieces together to make a snowman on the front of your card.


Add on details of the snowman’s face and buttons using pens.


Sprinkle some snow over your card to complete the scene. Dip a cotton bud into white paint and dot it all around your snowman.


I completed this activity with all 3 of my kids (aged 3, 6 and 8). My sons aged 6 and 8 worked well side by side chatting about who was going to be the lucky recipient of each card, leaving my hands free to help my daughter along with her cards. She enjoyed drawing around the egg cups and gluing and sticking her collage together, but she was not happy cutting out the circles of card. I stepped in to help her before she got too frustrated.

I always try and encourage my kids to complete as much of our projects as they can on their own. But doing the same activity with kids of 3 different ages, does mean that there will be some things that the younger ones will need help with. On a positive note though my young daughter learns so much more from sitting down with her brothers, she often listens to their instructions more than mine as well.

Once we had a pile of cards made, we tidied down the table and started to write them. This was a great way to get the boys back into “work mode” as they have done very little writing over the holidays. Bella had fun scribbling a little picture inside each of her efforts.
If you have been super organised and sent your thank you cards already, then our snowman collages would make a great addition to a winter themed birthday card or a nice picture for your wall at home.

Snowmen cards kids winter craft

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