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Coloring is always a fun way for kids to relax and enjoy some quiet time. With the Christmas holidays almost here, why not print out these free printable snowflake coloring pages and keep them handy for when the kids need some down time. This is a fun activity for kids of all ages!

Each of the pretty snowflakes will print out in an A4 size, and you could use these large snowflakes for winter coloring or as templates for some snowflake crafts.

Snowflake Printable pack with 6 different types of snowflakes to colour, decorate or use as a template for snowflake crafts

The pattern of snowflakes has always been a classic pattern for Christmas custom ornaments. People will hang these decorations on the Christmas tree or on the windows to make the room looks great and to bring a happy Christmas atmosphere.

If you need smaller snowflakes, you can adjust your printer settings to allow multiple copies of each coloring sheet per page.

Why not let the kids colour them all, cut them out and mount on card, then string them together to create a simple snowflake garland to add to the festive decorations? They will also look beautiful hanging in your windows around Christmas time.

Each snowflake is different, so I’m offering several varieties of snowflake printables here so that kids can colour and decorate all different types.

These also work so well as snowflake templates for any number of simple snowflake crafts. You don’t need to limit these printables for coloring – get out all of the craft supplies and let the kids go wild decorating with tissue paper, glitter, sequins, gems and sparkles.

Get our your favorite crayons or paints and select all kinds of different colors in a winter palette – light blue, dark blue, purple, gold, silver, mint green, white. The variety of colors is up to you and each will look beautiful.

You can download all of these in one convenient PDF file at the end of this blog post.

I’ve given a couple of suggestions for some of the sheets, and you can extend the activity by drawing or cutting out your own snowflake pictures on some spare sheets of paper.

Snowflake colouring sheet 1

Here’s our first winter snowflake coloring page. Create some falling snowflakes on thick paper for a fun winter family activity.

printable snowflake colouring sheet or snowflake template

Colour this pretty snowflake and there is space to draw some designs in the centre if you wish. So much fun for a creative snow day.

Snowflake Colouring Sheet 2

Create a winter wonderland and decorate this delicate snowflake with gel pens and glitter. This type of tree like snowflake is called dendrite snowflakes and are snow crystals with multiple branches.

printable snowflake colouring sheet

This thin and spindly snowflake has a very frosty and icy look to it.

Snowflake colouring sheet 3

snowflake colouring sheet printable with chunky outlines

The chunky outline on this one will make it easier for younger artists to stay within the lines.

Snowflake colouring sheet 4

printable snowflake, colour it or use a q tip and paint to make a pointillism snowflake picture

You could use a cotton bud / q-tip to paint all the dots on this snowflake, for a pointillism effect, or stick little jewel or gem stickers in each spot. These decorating ideas are great way to sneak in some fine motor skills practice, to strength hand muscles for younger kids – all while having fun.

Snowflake Colouring Sheet 5

snowflake symmetry colouring sheet

This snowflake looks a bit like a Kaleidoscope! It would be fun to keep symmetrical when colouring this snowflake, and then explore the design and geometric pattern against a mirror once you’re done.

Snowflake Printable Sheet 6

Printable snowflake template for kids to decorate

This snowflake already has a slight icy blue colour, so print it out and decorate with sequins, gems, jewels or stickers.

Download Snowflake Coloring Pages PDF

Click below to download the snowflake coloring pages in PDF format.

Terms of use: free for personal use, free for classroom use, not for commercial use.

If you only want one particular sheet from the printable files or multiples of the same one you will be able to select that option in your printer settings when printing. Each snowflake will print on an individual A4 page.

If you are a fan of Mickey Mouse, you’re going to want to also check out our Mickey Mouse snowflake coloring pages – these are the best snowflake coloring pages for Disney fans.

All of the below can be downloaded via the pdf in our Mickey Snowflake post – just click the images to go straight there. These are also perfect for using as both a straight forward coloring sheet or as a snowflake craft template for winter themed crafts.

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