Snowflake Colouring Pages

Colouring is always a fun way for kids to relax and enjoy some quiet time. With the Christmas holidays almost here, why not print out these snowflake colouring pages and keep them handy for when the kids need some down time.

Each snowflake will print out in an A4 size, and you could use them for colouring or as templates for some snowflake crafts. Why not let the kids colour them all, cut them out and mount on card, then string them together to create a simple snowflake garland to add to the festive decorations?

Each snowflake is different, so I’m offering several varieties of snowflake printables here so that kids can colour and decorate all different types.

Snowflake Printable pack with 6 different types of snowflakes to colour, decorate or use as a template for snowflake crafts


I’ve given a couple of suggestions for some of the sheets, and you can extend the activity by drawing or cutting out your own snowflakes on some spare sheets of paper.

Snowflake colouring sheet 1

printable snowflake colouring sheet or snowflake template

Colour this pretty snowflake and there is space to draw some designs in the centre if you wish

Snowflake Colouring Sheet 2

printable snowflake colouring sheet

This thin and spindly snowflake has a very frosty and icy look to it.

Snowflake colouring sheet 3

snowflake colouring sheet printable with chunky outlines


The chunky outline on this one will make it easier for younger artists to stay within the lines.

Snowflake colouring sheet 4

printable snowflake, colour it or use a q tip and paint to make a pointillism snowflake picture


You could use a cotton bud / q-tip to paint all the dots on this snowflake, for a pointillism effect, or stick little jewel or gem stickers in each spot.

Snowflake Colouring Sheet 5

snowflake symmetry colouring sheet


This snowflake looks a bit like a Kaleidoscope! It would be fun to keep symmetrical when colouring this snowflake, and then explore the design against a mirror once you’re done.

Snowflake Printable Sheet 6

Printable snowflake template for kids to decorate

This snowflake already has a slight icy blue colour, so print it out and decorate with sequins, gems, jewels or stickers.

Download and print all six snowflake pages here.

If you only want one particular sheet, or multiples of the same one you will be able to select that option in your printer settings when printing. Each snowflake will print on an individual A4 page.

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