Winter Mittens Craft

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January and February always seem to be so cold! Perfect weather for this simple winter mittens craft.

I recently shared a winter clothing printables pack which has a mittens template that would be ideal for making this craft. These colouring pages don’t just have to be for colouring in – so I thought I would share these winter mittens from last year to give some inspiration.

Winter mittens craft for kids with free printable template

To make the winter mittens craft you will need

  • Paper or card
  • Scissors
  • Felt tip or marker pen
  • Cotton Wool
  • Glue
  • Sequins and sparkles to decorate
  • Piece of wool to hang

You can draw your mitten shapes freehand or print out the mittens from our winter clothing printable pack and either glue onto card, cut them out and use them as a stencil for the shape, or decorate directly onto the paper.

Here are the printable mittens that you will get in the free winter clothing pack. It has a zig zag pattern included if you want to work with that.

free printable winter mittens template

Or even make full five fingered gloves if you prefer (also provided in the pack)

printable winter gloves colouring

To make the winter mittens, just glue on some cotton wool for a fluffy trim, and then glue down all the sparkles and sequins however you like. Liquid glue like PVA or school glue tends to work better and last longer than using a glue stick.

winter mittens craft

You could mount these on front of a card, perhaps to make thank you cards after Christmas, or hang them up by the piece of wool. Punch a small hole into each mitten and use a short piece of wool to string them together.

Cutting, gluing and picking up all the little sparkly bits with a pincer grip will be good fine motor practice for little ones.

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