This paper plate snowman scene is a fun and simple Winter craft for kids, that makes use of recycled bottle tops.

Kids can let their creativity go wild and decorate the snowman and wintery scene however they prefer, using different colours and details.

paper plate snowman winter craft for kids using recycled bottle tops


We used:

  • Plain white paper plate
  • 3 bottle tops
  • Blue tissue paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter glue
  • White glue / Double sided tape
  • Cotton wool
  • Sharpie pen

How to make your bottle top snowman scene

First we stuck down our snowman, and then pasted all of the tissue behind him to create a background. Next time, we might add the background first so you might prefer to do it that way to avoid the white space around the snowman.

To stick our snowman, we used a line of double sided tape and then used three clean bottle tops that we had been saving for crafts, to make up the snowman’s body. These stick down firmly with the double sided tape, you could also try a glue gun.

Once the snowman is secured onto the paper plate, use your sharpies to add features and decorate. Regular felt tip pens won’t show up so well, so if you do have sharpies then they are definitely the pens for the job. We added a carrot noise, dots for the mouth and buttons on the snowman’s body. Use fabric or felt scraps to glue on a hat or scarf if you like.

Once the snowman was finished, we stuck blue tissue all over the paper plate to create a cold and snowy feel, and used glitter mod podge to seal. We added blue starry glitter glue for extra sparkle.

Next, just glue on cotton wool along the bottom of the plate for some snow, and to give the picture extra texture – and you’re done. It looks so pretty and sparkly!

paper plate snowman winter craft for kids using recycled bottle tops

I’m sure we will make more of these bottle top snowmen throughout the winter season!

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Paper plate snowman craft using recycled bottle tops