#MyDisneyLife inspired Craft Stick Skaters

We love magic of Disney in our family. Many of the movies have become firm favourites, watched over and over again and we’ve started the tradition of going to watch Disney on Ice as a family each year around Christmas time. We’re really looking forward to Disney on Ice Presents Silver Anniversary Celebration this year, so when I was asked by the people at Disney to talk about mine and my families own love of Disney, to help celebrate the launch of DisneyLife, I couldn’t help but become inspired by classic films and our tradition – to attend Disney On Ice.

I decided to use my love of arts and crafts to bring our families love of Disney On Ice and favourite film characters to life. This Disney on Ice inspired craft stick skaters activity was a fun way to combine imaginary play with talking about past and future events, to convey the Disney magic from screen and the Ice in our very own home!

Once we’d made our Disney character skaters, we played some of our favourite Disney songs and put on our own simple Disney on Ice show.

Disney inspired popsicle stick ice skaters

Our craft stick skaters idea was inspired by this post on Molly Moo Crafts, and we adapted it to fit our Disney on Ice theme.


To make your own Disney on Ice skaters, you will need:

  • Craft sticks
  • Paper
  • Colouring pens or pencils
  • Glue stick and clear tape
  • Small cups or clean empty yoghurt pots
  • Tin foil
  • Tray to play on

How to make your craft stick skaters:

We decided to draw our characters on paper, and then glue them onto the sticks once the ice had frozen. First, you’ll need to use one craft stick to measure out the correct size for each character.

measuring with popsicle sticks

Next, we used the spaces to draw each character. We included some who we’ve enjoyed watching in previous shows, like Nemo, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and some who we’re looking forward to watching in Worlds of Enchantment like Buzz Lightyear and Anna and Elsa from Frozen. We also included Baymax, our favourite Disney character. We would love to see him in a future production of Disney on Ice.

Make sure to draw ice skates on every character!

disney character drawingsTo make the ice base for each character, you’ll need to use a small cup or a small clean yoghurt pot. We tried using an ice cube tray but the ones we had were just not deep enough to allow the craft stick to stand up well, so I would recommend saving a few yoghurt pots in order to make these if you can.

Fill the container with water (not all the way to the top) and then cover with tin foil and cut a small slit for the craft stick to come through. Freeze these over night and they’ll be ready to finish off in the morning.

freezing ice in pots

Once the ice has frozen, you can release each one and glue on the characters (We used a glue stick then covered with some tape to prevent smudging as the ice melts), and you’re ready to play!

disney on ice skaters craftUsing coloured craft sticks gives you coloured ice, which is a fun touch. We made each of our characters double sided, so the kids can transform them during the show – for example regular Baymax turns around and suddenly he is Armoured Baymax!

We were inspired by Disney films, many of which are available on Disney’s multimedia service DisneyLife. Along with film the service hosts a broad selection of TV shows, songs, games and books. To find out more visit https://disneylife.com/uk

disney on ice skaters craft

craft sticks ice skater craft

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disney on ice craft stick skaters

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