Build A Snowman Craft Printable & Roll A Snowman Game for Kids this Winter

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It’s always fun to make crafts with kids, but what if you don’t have a ton of time to spend making them? Today we have a free printable snowman craft for kids.

This cut and glue snowman craft can also be used as a game, with a roll and build your own snowman version included in the same file.

With free printable games and craft kits you can get started with a new activity quickly and enjoy making something special with your little ones, as well as trying new games without needing to buy anything.

I love getting craft kits for my kids to use when we want to do something fun, but they can be expensive and you don’t always have them to hand. That’s why I love to provide free printable games and crafts that you can print and play with your kids, so hopefully we can help someone out.

In the spirit of the holidays and snowmen, here are some free printable games and activities to play with your kids this winter.

Free printable cut and glue build a snowman game for kids, perfect for winter. This fun activity helps to build fine motor skills, practice scissor skills in a fun and playful way

A good time to get kids into some creative activities is in the winter season, and there are so many fun winter and festive themes that you can include in your kids crafts around this time of year. From Snowmen, to Santa to Reindeers and Christmas Trees – there is a lot of crafting inspiration around especially during December. So much fun!

When it’s cold outside, and there is snow on the ground, many kids prefer to play indoors. Not to mention, if you guys are sick and you have to stay home for a while – the days can start to drag that’s for sure.

There are a number of ways to keep kids busy during the colder months. They can build with LEGO blocks, or they can make an artistic masterpiece out of salt dough. Or, maybe they would enjoy making something out of wrapping paper and a glue stick.

With all of the cold weather that we are experiencing, I wanted to come up with some fun craft activities for the kids.

The Snowman Printable Games and Activities

We have two different printable snowman activities included in this free PDF pack, along with a guide picture to help the children if needed.

Cut and Glue Snowman Activity

Young children love to cut and glue. There are lots of benefits to using scissors and glue as a way to play with your child.

Using these tools helps develop fine motor skills. Children who use scissors and glue tend to have better hand coordination, but it can take some practise to get these skills down.

toddler cutting with scissors

That’s why it’s helpful to give kids opportunities to practice in a fun way, like with these printable snowman games. It’s a great way to work on scissor skills in a fun and low pressure way, with plenty of space for creativity – a perfect activity to get little hands comfortable with scissors.

free printable cut and glue snowman building picture

To complete this free printable build a snowman creative activity, you will need

  • The print out page – free printable snowman template
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Another sheet of paper to stick down all the snowman parts

You could choose coloured paper, like blue, to make the finished picture into a snowman scene

Then if you have more time, take some marker pens, coloured crayons, stickers, glitter, pom poms or whatever craft supplies you have to hand and decorate your snowman picture even more.

Roll and Build a Snowman Activity

Do you wanna build a snowman?

This version of the snowman cutting and glueing activity turns this activity into a game that’s fun for the whole family.

Use dice to roll and build your snowman, until you have completed the whole snowman picture.

Kids can race against an opponent, their friends and family, to take turns rolling and see who can complete their snowmen first.

This variation on the snowman activity is great for kids with a competitive streak or who enjoy simple board games whereas the first version of the cutting and gluing craft can be done more slowly at a child’s own pace and can be done as an individual activity.

Use the first cutting page to prepare the pieces for your snowman game.

For multiple players, print a few copies of the sheet and make sure you have enough snowman pieces prepared.

free printable roll and build a snowman dice game for kids

To use this Snowman game over and over again, prepare the pieces in advance and laminate. Then keep all the pieces together in a zip lock bag with the dice.

To play in this way with re-useable pieces, you don’t need to glue the pieces down, each player can just place the snowman body parts down in front of them until they have a complete snowman.

Remember, some body parts are needed twice on each snowman so you will need to roll twice for the body and twice for the arms to get a complete snowman.

Build and Roll a Snowman Guide

  1. Head
  2. Body (x2)
  3. Carrot Nose
  4. Stick Arms (x2)
  5. Snowman Winter Hat. This snowman’s hat is a bobble hat but you can also use a top hat
  6. Woolly Scarf

You can also use this list to play a roll and draw snowman game, where instead of using the cut out pieces you need to draw the part of the snowman that you roll.

red and white dice

Finished Snowman Guide Picture

Sometimes it helps children to understand the cutting and gluing activity if they can see the finished picture of the cute snowman to get an idea, like a snowman template.

Here’s one you can print out and refer to if needed.

finished snowman picture cartoon snowman

Download Build a Snowman Craft Printable PDF

Click the download button below for your free instant digital download including both activities in one convenient PDF file:

Cut and glue build a snowman craft free printable template and Roll a Snowman Game, plus example of the finished snowman.

Terms of use: free for personal use, and classroom use. Not for commercial use.

I’m always searching for fun ways to keep the kids busy during the winter months. So, when I had the idea to make these free printable cut and glue paper snowman games, I couldn’t wait to share with you all.

If you’re looking for some more creative ways to keep the kids entertained in the winter weather, check out these easy winter crafts for kids, winter coloring pages and winter sensory play ideas for kids of all ages

We have sooo many kids crafts and activities here on In The Playroom – nearly ten years worth of ideas. One of the easiest ways to browse our activities is to check out our Pinterest Boards.

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And please do go ahead and share our activities on your own Pinterest Boards, or tell your friends! This helps us to keep creating even more free activities for your families to enjoy.

We hope you have fun playing these games together with your kids this Winter break and all through the holiday season – Lots of fun activities and ideas to fill snowy days and the long winter months!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

free printable roll and build a snowman game for kids
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  1. These printable snowman activities are such a great way to keep kids engaged during the winter months. I love how they combine creativity and fine motor skills development. The roll and build game adds an element of fun and competition. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas for a festive and enjoyable time with the kids!

  2. These printable snowman activities are such a great way to keep kids engaged during the winter months. I love how they combine creativity and fine motor skills development. The roll and build game adds an element of fun and competition. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas for a festive and enjoyable time with the kids


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