Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. These Christmas tree brownies are really easy to make and decorate, but look so effective and would definitely be a hit at any Christmas party! You can make these using your favourite brownie recipe, or by using a box mix if you want the quickest and easiest version. Kids would enjoy decorating these too, and adding their own personal touches


Christmas tree brownies

Recipe yields: 8-10 servings

Time needed: 1 Hour



1 box of brownie mix (including required oil, water & eggs) or your favorite brownie recipe

1 cup frosting

Food coloring (any color(s) you choose for the garland)

Candies and/or sprinkles to decorate


Prepare and bake brownies as directed on box or recipe.

Allow brownies to cool, and gently remove from the pan and place onto parchment paper.

Divide the brownies by cutting a straight line down the center horizontally. Cut off hard edges and then cut triangles out of each half to create the trees.


In a small bowl, mix food coloring into frosting until you reach desired shade. Spoon frosting into a piping bag or a sandwich bag with the tip cut off.


Draw garland onto trees

Decorate the trees with candies and sprinkles



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