15 Fascinating Disney Encanto Facts You Should Know

Here are 15 things you probably didn’t know about our new favorite Disney movie Encanto. We are here answer all of your lingering Questions about Encanto, and throw some light on the facts that you didn’t even know you needed to know!

Encanto is the new Disney movie we have been waiting for. This movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios is unlike other’s in Disney’s catalogue in that there is no clear villain in this story. The “villain” of the tale is actually family conflict. 

Encanto image from the movie

“Encanto” means “enchanted.” And as the name suggests, it is a magical and enchanting story about family which will definitely make you fall in love with it. Encanto deals with family expectations, love, acceptance, sibling rivalry, and inter generational trauma, and we are here for all of it. 

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Introducing the Pairfum London Fragrance Library Perfume Experience Box

Perfume is one of the luxuries of life that can instantly put you in a good mood. Smelling a particular perfume can remind you of a loved one even after many years, or bring back memories just like it was yesterday. It is such a powerful sensory experience, and finding the right perfume that is just right for you is such a great feeling.

The types of perfumes and scents that we prefer can be a very personal thing. Sometimes perfumes can surprise us, you love the concept of a certain perfume but once you try it on – it may not suit as well as you had hoped because perfumes can react differently on each of us.

Pairfum London Fragrance Library Perfume Experience Box

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My Little Pony A New Generation Movie Review

My Little Pony A New Generation is out on Netflix on September 24th, but we were lucky enough to attend the UK premiere and watch the movie a little early so that we can share our review with you. 

Once upon a time, ponies, pegasi and unicorns all lived in harmony, but those days are no more. When a happy-go-lucky unicorn wanders into Maretown, Earth Pony “Sunny” and her new friends set out on an adventure to restore magic and friendship to all of Equestria!

In this new My Little Pony movie, join a new generation of ponies as they set out on an adventure to prove that friendship is for every pony, and our sparkle is brightest when we shine together!

my little pony a new generation on Netflix poster

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Kangaroo Beach – New Show on Nick Jr

Kangaroo Beach is a brand new show about four young animal friends, Pounce, Gemma, Neville and Frizzy, who spend an action-packed summer at the spectacular Kangaroo Beach, training as junior cadets with their lifeguard heroes. When an emergency breaks out, the cadets step up to help keep the water safe.

The show is made up of short episodes which are 11 minutes long – ideal to keep the attention of younger viewers like my 4 year old daughter N. We watched a few episodes of the show and both enjoyed the stories together.  

As a parent, I really liked the positive messaging in the episode of “Stay Calm and Snorkel” it was about how we all feel nervous sometimes, and the trainer taught the animal friends to notice their feelings and name them to help them cope, and then reminded them that even when things are not calm outside we can still learn to create our own calm inside. I thought that this is great, and such a positive message. These techniques are difficult to master even as adults, so introducing our children to these ideas at a young age can only help them in life. 

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Aura Print Business Cards Review

Whatever your business, having a quick way to pass over your details to interested clients is essential so for every business, business cards are a must have, and of course a beautiful and stylish design for your business cards makes a great first impression. 

We had the opportunity to review a set of business cards from Aura Print, and were so impressed by the variety of options available and by the quality of the finished cards which we received. Aura Print were so helpful in their communications regarding the final design and sent across detailed proofs via PDF so we could make sure we were totally happy with the way that everything would appear in the finished product. 

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Garden Camping with Regatta Pop Up Tents

With this nice weather, keeping the kids entertained at home becomes a lot easier because they can burn a lot of their energy outside, if you are lucky enough to have a garden.

Simple activities in the garden keep all of our kids occupied for most of the day, whether they are having water fights, blowing bubbles or playing football. Another great activity that we introduced for the kids is putting a pop up tent in the garden, which they love to play in and is great to use as a den for imaginary games, or just a nice place to chill in the shade.

We were sent one of Regatta’s pop up tents which are so quick and easy to set up, whether you are at home in the garden or going camping for a weekend.

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Independent Wine Review

During lockdown Anna and I became our support bubble. We spent a lot of time together working on the blog but we are also best friends. We had to come up with new ideas of how to spend time together and keep each other sane during these crazy times. With kids and work and the world collapsing, it was really stressful at times so we decided we needed to have some quality time once a week.

We declared Fridays our official Movie Nights. We would wait for the kids to go to bed and hang out with some delicious wine and a selection of funny films. We will review two amazing wines we had for one of our Movie Nights in this post so read on to see why we fell in love with them.

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Your Big Night in – Movie Night Box

With all this staying in situation we had to be creative and make it fun. It has been a long year with all these changes but it has been also a great way to appreciate the little and simpler things in life like movie night. Anna and I have been doing movie night before the lockdown started but now we became pros. It became our little mum treat after a long week looking after the kids.

With help from Your Big Night In, we were able to make our usual movie nights even better. Your Big Night In is a new door delivery service bringing customers everything they need to transform a night in from mundane to magnificent with everything you need for a great night in – the food, the drink and even the entertainment.  Whether you are searching for an idea for date night or simply want some hassle-free downtime to burst the bubble of a busy day, Your Big Night In delivers everything you need to bring some sparkle to that same-four-walls syndrome.

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Cinema is Still Alive – Here’s what’s to come for the rest of this year

It may have come to your attention through various media outlets that cinema is done and dusted. However, we all know that not to be the truth. Just because a chain shuts down operations, or a film shifts to 2021, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a fine selection of films for all ages out now and coming up that people can go and enjoy and safely.

If you have been wondering – are there still any movies coming out at the cinema, then here is a chronological list of many of the films still set for theatrical release, with a nice mixture of family movies, independent cinema and more.

So if you miss the feeling of relaxing on cinema recliners while munching on popcorn, and you can check Launching Films for more info on releases.

There is no denying that this industry, along with countless others, is in trouble but we are determined to help support it where we can. Without the cinema, it won’t just be the 5500 jobs associated with the Cineworld situation, it will be graphic designers, editors, journalists, PRs and the list goes on – so let’s show the industry our support.

Out now!
Distributor: Munro Films

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44 Cats Children’s TV Series

Have you heard of 44 Cats? It’s a fun TV show for young children on Nick Jr, and it has also just been released onto the POP TV Channel on Freeview, so that even more children can watch.

The series concentrates of four cats, named Lampo, Milady, Meatball and Pilo who play together in their band called the Buffycats. Along with lots of catchy music, the show has good morals for little ones as each episode has an underlying message of friendship, diversity and helping others. Each episode of 44 Cats is under 15 minutes long – an ideal length for younger viewers like my 2 year old, N.

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