Mickey Mouse Printable Snowflake Paper Crafts

Decorate your house like a Winter Wonderland for the holiday season, with everyone’s favourite mouse – Mickey Mouse! Our free printable snowflakes make this craft super easy and quick to put together.

Today we have three free printable Mickey Mouse snowflake templates to share with you. These can be used for a super easy and cute paper craft for a Disney Christmas decoration, or can even be used as Mickey Mouse Christmas coloring pages or snowflake coloring pages – It’s super versatile!

Free printable Mickey Mouse snowflake templates for christmas decorations or use as coloring pages

Get prepared with your favourite Disney Christmas movies on the TV and set up you craft supplies – these Christmas snowflake printables are perfect for an afternoon of family festive fun.

Mickey snowflake paper craft

Download all of the Mickey Mouse Snowflake templates in one free PDF file at the end of this post.

To make these super easy Mickey Mouse snowflake Christmas decorations just print out the templates, glue onto some thin card (cereal boxes work great), and cut out the snowflake shapes.

Mickey Snowflake coloring pages free printable

Punch a hole with a hole punch and add some string to hang and you are all set.

Kids of all ages can get busy decorating to add some colour, glitter or sparkles to make them even more magical – or go with the minimalist look and leave them plain white. It is up to you.

These Disney inspired snowflakes will look great hanging up around the house or in your windows to bring a smile to passer’s by.

cardboard cut out Mickey Mouse snowflake decoration

Kids may need help cutting out the inside of the snowflake, depending on their age, as this is the trickiest part. You need to use a knife to make an incision and then you can go in with the scissors. For younger kids it’s okay to leave that part and just cut around the edges.

cutting out Mickey Mouse snowflakes

Here’s another simple way you can use the Mickey Mouse Snowflake Printable Templates, with tissue paper

Supply List for the Mickey Mouse Tissue Paper Snowflake Craft

  • Color Printer
  • Cardstock
  • Glue
  • Squares of Tissue Paper
  • Handheld Hole Punch
  • Pencil, optional
  • String
  • Optional – Add glitter, or self adhesive gems for extra Christmas sparkle

Instructions for the Mickey Tissue Paper Snowflake Craft

Print out the page on card stock paper (download the free printable pack at the end of this post)

Cut out the snowflake shapes

Attach the tissue paper squares with glue, by either just placing the papers on to the shape and trimming the excess, or for older kids you can wrap the paper over the end of the pencil and place it on the snowflake with glue.

After the snowflakes dry, punch a hole at the top.

Tie a string to each snowflake

Hang the snowflakes up to decorate, how about over a table or kitchen island or from the ceiling.

You can also print out the instructions along with the templates, in the PDF file at the bottom of this post.

Another way that you can also use these snowflake templates is for a scrunched tissue paper craft, to get a more 3D effect – see the method on our Scrunched Tissue Paper Autumn Leaves craft post.

instructions for Mickey Mouse snowflake paper craft with tissue paper

Are you ready? Here are the three different Mickey Mouse Snowflake templates to use.

The cool thing about snowflakes is that each and every one is unique just like our finger prints, so we couldn’t give you just one Mickey Snowflake – we need a variety. By printing out several of each and decorating in different colours and styles you will soon have a full sky of snowflakes that are just as unique and individual as all of us.

The best thing about these templates is that kids of all ages can get creative and decorate however they like, to really make it their own.

printable snowflake decorations

For younger kids, these snowflake crafts are a great way to work on fine motor skills, cutting skills, pencil control, and work those little hands muscles all while having so much fun!

Mickey Snowflake Version 1

Mickey Mouse snowflake paper craft template

Mickey Snowflake Version 2

Mickey Mouse snowflake paper craft template

Mickey Snowflake Version 3

Mickey Mouse snowflake paper craft template

Download The Snowflake Templates PDF

Download all three different snowflake templates and the instructions in one convenient PDF file by clicking the Download button below the file preview.

More Snowflake Crafts

Snowflakes are such a magical and beautiful thing. Like we were saying, each one is totally unique – isn’t that cool? If you would like to try some more snowflake themed crafts and activities with the kids take a look through these ideas we have already shared – and give them a go!

handprint snowflake craft

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Mickey Mouse printable snowflake coloring pages, these can also be used as templates for christmas decorations and crafts. Three versions included, all so cute!

Happy Christmas everyone!

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