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Handprint crafts are always some of the cutest crafts to make with your kids, especially during the holidays. They’re fun to look back at when they’re older and see those tiny little hands!

You could make one of these handprint snowflakes every year, and watch as your little one’s hand gradually grow bigger and bigger as the years progress.

This snowflake handprint is a simple idea for an easy winter craft to make with the kids. It is great for kids of all ages and even works well with younger toddlers, with a little guidance.

silver handprint snowflakes winter craft for kids

Each snowflake is unique, just like each of our precious children.

This is a great chance to tie in with a lesson about embracing our uniqueness and how each one being different makes us all special, just like snowflakes.

Take a look at some close up macro photographs of snowflakes with the children so they can see and observe how every little snowflake has it’s own unique and amazing design.

macro close up snowflakes in different designs each snowflake is unique

Aren’t these snowflakes gorgeous? Exploring snowflakes in detail is magical for children. Would you ever have thought that snow is made up of all these tiny little pointed crystals? Mind blown!

You can sneak in some science learning too as you talk about how snowflakes are made and formed, depending on the age of the children taking part in this activity.

Each child’s snowflake craft will be a little different and unique too, just like these real snowflakes, which makes them all the more precious.

unique snowflakes close up

This handprint snowflake activity is a great idea for creating designs to go on the front of your personalised Christmas cards for friends and family

Or if you’re a teacher or work in a preschool room this is a fun winter craft for the class. If you’re looking for a cute craft to send home with the children at the end of term, this snowflake idea could definitely work.

Have a look at these handprint angels too if you’re looking for some fun and easy winter or Christmas handprint ideas.

Handprint Snowflake Craft Supplies

You’ll only need a few basic craft materials for this simple handprint craft:

  • Silver or White Craft Paint
  • Paint Brush or Sponge
  • Blue Construction Paper
  • Paper Plate or tray
  • A Helping Hand! 😉


How to make a handprint snowflake

First, squirt some paint onto the paper plate.

silver paint
You can add the paint to the hand by brushing it on or press the hand right into the paint.

To create the snowflake shape using handprints:

Press the hand down firmly with the palm in the middle of the paper and fingertips pointing straight up.

Then continue to make handprints around in a “star” pattern. There should be about six handprints, maybe seven to create your complete snowflake.

making handprint snowflakes

Allow the paint to dry completely.

Then once it’s dry, you are ready to decorate the picture by adding some sliver glitter glue or painted snowflakes.

You could also sprinkle over loose glitter for some extra sparkle and frosty winter magic.

snowflake handprint winter craft

Silver paint looks so effective for this snowflake painting activity but white paint also works really well – so it’s up to you. Or even gold?

Maybe you could try both ways and see which color you like best.

When you’ve finished, you could also cut out the snowflake shapes and hang them up around the house for a handmade child-made Christmas decoration.

Perhaps make a full display to hang in your advent window to display to the street?

snowflake on a blue wool jumper

Snowflake Coloring Pages

Check out our PDF snowflake coloring books which are available to download here on In The Playroom as free printables

snowflake printable coloring pages

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silver snowflake handprints

Thanks so much!

Have fun and Happy Crafting!

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  1. This is such a super cute activity for kids to do! I’m always looking for ideas to stimulate my kids creativity and keep them busy. We are heading into another school holiday this week and I’m definitely going to be getting my kids into this activity. It is so simple but the results look amazing.

  2. Beautiful post! Love how you connected snowflake uniqueness to each child’s individuality. The handprint snowflake craft is a creative way to reinforce this message. Great activity for expressing uniqueness and learning about snowflake science. Thanks for sharing!


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