Paper Plate Snowflakes

These paper plate tape snowflakes is another simple winter craft for kids to enjoy. They will be working their fine motor skills with cutting and sticking, and looking at symmetry in the snowflake designs.

If you remember our symmetrical snowflake activity, this is a similar idea and the paper plate snowflakes can also be used with a mirror afterwards to explore the symmetry, or you can make several of these and string them up to create a paper plate snowflake garland.


To make these paper plate snowflakes you will need:

1. Paper plates (Amazon link: UK / US)

– Pastel colours are good, so that you can get a little contrast with the white tape

2. White Duct Tape (Amazon link: UK / US)

3. Scissors

4. Glitter glue (Amazon link: UK / US)

– Silver is good for the sparkly snowflake look.

This is a quick and easy craft that can be done by preschoolers in around 5-10 minutes.

How to make the paper plate snowflake craft

IMG_1134First, your child can practise cutting out strips of tape in different lengths and thicknesses. My younger kids love to do this and really enjoy working with scissors.

Once you have some strips of tape cut, then look for pieces that are a similar length to each other to create a symmetrical base for the snowflake. We tend to make an X then another X at 45 degrees from the first to create a simple snowflake – although this has 8 sides not 6 as a real snowflake would have. So if you prefer to stick with 6 then of course, go for that.

After making the snowflake base shape, we cut a few more smaller pieces to embellish the end of each piece of the snowflake. Again you can encourage kids to think about symmetry when decorating this part of the snowflake, and find which pieces are opposite to each other within the snowflake.

paper plate snowflake glitter craftThen, all that’s left to do is add glitter to decorate. This offers more fine motor practise as the kids carefully squeeze the glitter tube.

And there you have it, a simple but sweet paper plate snowflake craft.

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7 thoughts on “Paper Plate Snowflakes”

  1. Another great idea for paper plates crafting. I needed ONE paper plate last Christmas so my granddaughter could colour a plate to leave Santa and Rudolph’s goodies on on Christmas Eve, unfortunately they are only sold in packs of 50 so, I’ve got 49 left to use, saving one for this year’s Santa plate. Fab idea, definitely going to do this and hunt around for other arty/crafty activities with the others.


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