Free Printable Elf Coloring Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids

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Everyone loves Santa’s helpful elves. These cheeky elves have become one of the most loved Christmas characters.

Whether you are taking part in Elf on the shelf or just want a fun activity to keep the kids entertained over the Christmas holidays, make sure to try out our free printable elf coloring jigsaw puzzle for kids.

We have two versions available for you to print out and color in with the kids. Download our free printable elf coloring pages jigsaw puzzles at the end of this blog post.

free printable elf coloring jigsaw puzzle activity

Here is a preview of the two designs included in this free printable pack.

You can download both in one convenient pdf file at the end of this post.

Elf Best friends or Elf Twins Coloring Puzzle

This one is my favourite, maybe because I am a twin myself.

How will you color the two elves? The same or totally different? We colored ours in complimenting opposite colors of green and green for a jolly and festive Christmas elf vibe. What names will you choose for the two cheeky and fun elves?

free printable elf coloring jigsaw puzzle with two elves elf best friends elf twins

Cheeky and Cute Elf Coloring with a Winter Background

This cheeky little elf is frolicking and prancing around in front of the gingerbread house, decorated with all kinds of delicious Christmas candy and lolly pops. There is lots of fun festive detail here for kids to color and decorate.

Get out your favorite crayons and use a variety of colors to make this elf picture shine merry and bright, before cutting it out to make your very own Christmas puzzle activity.

free printable elf coloring jigsaw puzzle activity

How to Make and Use the Printable Jigsaw Puzzles

It is super easy to print out and use these color your own jigsaw puzzle pages.

First print them out, making sure not to select double sided printing, and color these in together with the kids. Older kids can do this really carefully and younger kids may be a little less precise but it doesn’t matter it will still be fun to color and put the puzzles back together.

color your own jigsaw puzzle printable christmas elf coloring page

Once you have a finished coloring page, take this and glue it onto a sheet of thin cardboard. The cardboard from cereal boxes works great because it is easy to cut since it’s not too thick, but it has enough sturdiness for the puzzle pieces.

If you want to use something like an Amazon box, it will be thicker and slightly tougher to cut (especially if kids are doing the cutting) but also works pretty well.

color your own jigsaw puzzle elf coloring page printable

Use a glue stick to glue the puzzle printable down onto the cardboard and then just start cutting out all of the pieces. If you have a younger child, leave some of the pieces together to create a puzzle with fewer and slightly bigger pieces, like this with two kept together or even keep four pieces together and create a four piece puzzle that’s perfect for toddlers little hands.

make your own puzzle for kids

Otherwise, go for it and cut out all of the pieces until you have your own 16 piece elf puzzle to play with.

diy puzzle activity for toddlers and kids

Once you’ve finished, store all of the pieces into a ziplock bag / sandwich bag to re-use and you have a simple activity that you can bring out again and again.

When it’s time to change it up, just print out another copy and change the colors.

Play the Puzzle Online

If you’d like to play this elf puzzle online without printing, just head over to You can upload any image to create your own puzzle.

Just customize the settings, including the number of pieces and the mode to play in.

Then you can share the link with friends and family or make your puzzle public for anyone to play.

Download the PDF Files

Click the download button via the file preview button below to download both versions in a 2 page printable PDF document.

I created this printable activity using Canva Pro (affiliate). If would like to create similar activities yourself, give it a try!

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Free printable elf coloring jigsaw puzzle activity. Make your own christmas puzzle for kids with two versions to print out for free

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Have fun. Happy Christmas!

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