Tape Snowflakes : Exploring Symmetry in Reflections

These tape snowflakes are a really easy and simple craft that can be done with young children in just a few minutes, and is also very low on mess.

We used this activity to practice cutting skills and to talk about symmetry. To make our snowflakes even more fun for the children we used some Disney Cars tape that I had picked up, but any type of decorative tape or washi tape would work. Duct tape can work too for a larger snowflake.

Snowflake symmetry : exploring reflections in a mirror using a tape snowflake craft

We also used this activity to focus on the letter S by cutting an S for snowflake out of tape to go alongside some of our snowflake pictures.

S for snowflake tape picture

The younger boys quickly picked up to make an X with two pieces of tape and then make another X to fill in the gaps, to make a basic snowflake shape. For older children or those with an interest in maths, you can explain that they need to rotate the 2nd X shape by 45 degrees to make the snowflake shape.

Real snowflakes do have 6 sides, but for the purposes of this activity, 8 was much easier for the kids to cut and stick with the tape!

After making the basic 8 pointed shape, we then cut little pieces to decorate the ends, creating different types of points for each side of the snowflake.

exploring snowflakes in a mirror


Then hold them against the mirror to explore the symmetry

symmetry snowflakesThis is a fun way for children to explore reflections and look at how symmetrical designs will look the same when reflected.

Of course Mr R couldn’t resist making his own crazy tape pictures too! My kids really do enjoy cutting and sticking tape, and it is all great fine motor practice for little hands.

sticking tape


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