25 Best Fun Strategy Board Games Like Ticket To Ride

There are a lot of fun strategy board games out there—and Ticket To Ride is one of the most popular.

If you want to mix things up and you’re looking for the best new board games or card games for your family game night, with a fun strategy game to bring some new challenges, then we are here to bring some fresh suggestions so you can branch out and expand your board game hobby even more.

If you love strategy board games, this is a list of some best board games like Ticket to Ride, that we think you are going to love.

25 fun strategy board games like ticket to ride

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Fun Activities And Games With A Pen And Paper

There is so much fun you can have with just a pen and paper. When the kids are bored, waiting for food at a restaurant or travelling on a long journey it can be a game changer to have some of these simple pen and paper games up your sleeve.

As a child one of my favourite activities was making up little games with pen and paper; writing lists, colouring, designing and more.

In this post we will share a few ideas with you, with a list of ten classic pen and pencil games for kids.

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22 Royal Party Games for Your Jubilee Party

If you have a Jubilee street party planned for the upcoming Platinum Jubilee, or you are looking for some royal themed party games for your family gathering – We have some fun ideas to share.

These royal party games are suitable for all the family, you can pick and choose or adapt them to the age groups you have at your party.

Royal Guess Who?

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How to Make a Terrarium with Kids -Step by Step Instructions and Inspiration

If you’re looking for ideas on how to spend some quality time together this summer, try planting your own terrarium. This can be a great educational experience for kids.

This is a quick and easy project for the garden that will help teach your children about nature and help them learn how to care for living things. 

kids making a terrarium

Have you ever wondered how to make a DIY terrarium? It’s easier than it looks, so it makes an ideal gardening project to do with the kids.

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Rainbow Sun Catcher Shadow Art

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s a time for rainbows, sunshine and outdoor play to make more of an appearance in our days.

This rainbow sun catcher is a fun craft for sunny days, with lots of learning opportunities to tie in as kids explore shadows and light.

making a rainbow suncatcher for shadow play

Kids love to play with their shadows, and this playful sun catcher art project gives them an opportunity to create something unique and really special.

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Fun Cooking Games for Kids to Engage Them While Learning

Cooking is one of the most important life skills to teach our children. Having a good level of knowledge and understanding about how to prepare food, and the nutrients that we need to include in our day to day diet’s is such valuable information for them as they grow up and make their own way in life.

There are lots of fun ways to help our children develop these skills, and today I’m going to to share some fun cooking games for kids that you can use as a resource for introducing these topics to your little ones.

Online Cooking Games for Kids

Online games can be a fun and easy way to introduce topics for kids of all ages. We have been using a few of these games alongside our hands on activities, to help the kids build up the knowledge of kitchen skills and where food comes from.

Cooking games to play with kids, fun resources to help children learn about kitchen skills, growing vegetables and more

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DIY Personalised Magnet Dress Up Dolls Game for Kids

Lately, my 5 year old daughter has been really into dress up games. She loves her dress up bears, felt dress up games and sticker dolly dressing. So I had an idea for an easy home made activity that I knew she would love – a DIY personalised magnet dress up dolls game.

How to make your own personalised magnet dress up doll game for kids, with real clothes. Step by step tutorial for this fun activity

To make this activity, I used magnet paper and a couple of other basic supplies. I will walk you through the step by step of how to make a set for your child, and once you’ve put this magnetic dress up dolls activity together you will be able to keep it to reuse with your child over and over again.

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Physical Activities and Exercises Your Kids Will Love (with free Printables)

Whether your kids are toddlers or teens, there are fun and easy ways they can burn off excess energy this winter with physical activities they will love!

We are here to share three fun indoor games you can play at home that will get your kid’s heart pumping. We’ll take you through all of the games and you can download your set of free printables at the end of the post. 

Active games for physical indoor play this winter. Great to keep the kids busy and use up energy, with free printables to go alongside each of the games.

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40+ Winter Sensory Play Activities to Keep Your Kids Active and Engaged

I am so excited to share with you our ultimate sensory play guide to winter themed sensory play! Today we are sharing over 40 sensory play ideas that you can do indoors and outdoors this Winter.

It’s not too early to start planning for winter. Sensory play is a great way to get kids engaged and entertained in the colder months. Winter sensory play can be perfectly adapted for just about any age group – toddlers, preschoolers, or school aged children. Kids of all ages will have so much fun exploring the ideas that we have gathered for you here in this blog post. 

Sensory play also has many benefits including enhancing creativity, improving language skills, and encouraging curiosity.

This guide includes tonnes of ideas and set ups that you can choose for your winter sensory play activity, whether you want to go with winter sensory bottles, sensory writing bags, Christmas themed sensory bins, sensory art activities, active whole body sensory play activities or something else.

Over 40 Winter sensory play ideas and activities for kids to do indoors and outdoors during winter

Sensory play is not just about messy play ideas, it can also be about engaging the senses of sound, smell, sight, and even engaging whole body senses of proprioception (this is is your body’s ability to sense movement, action, and location)

We love to feature sensory play ideas, so I’ve gathered together some of the great Winter sensory activities that your kids are sure to enjoy. I hope this list will provide some inspiration and help you plan a great winter activity!

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