Activities and Games with a Pen and Paper

As a child one of my favourite activities was making up little games with pen and paper; writing lists, colouring, designing and more. It’s really nice to see Mr Z is also able to keep him self occupied for quite a long time with just a pen and paper. Mr T is starting to show more interest in this too.

activities and game with a pen and paper

I love to see the designs they create. Here are a couple of Mr Z’s from this week:

activities and game with a pen and paper

This is his own maze which he has designed, and drawn the routes on to it from start to finish.

activities and game with a pen and paper

Here’s a wordsearch he made, and asked me to complete so that he can give me my score

activities and game with a pen and paper

This one is a little road map from three sheets stuck together.

We also enjoy designing pirate treasure maps on paper, of course with X marks the spot. Mr Z finds it really fun to add in all the extra details.

His favourite thing at the moment is numbers, so he likes to write down scores for imaginary races between different characters and mark who is the winner. He also makes top trumps style score cards for various characters.

We were sent a selection of stationary earlier in the week from Viking Direct and Mr Z was very pleased to see lots of new notebooks for him to fill up!

Here are a few of our favourite games to play with a pen a paper:

  • Naughts and crosses
  • Hang man
  • Design a person – everyone draws a bit and folds a bit
  • Writing silly sentences
  • Design a treasure map
  • Design a road map
  • Design a house
  • Design a theme park
  • Write a list of our favourite people, characters or toys
  • Make a wordsearch
  • Make a maze
  • Make a spot the difference
  • Writing sums to make a quiz
  • Guessing words with letters missing
  • Think of words starting with the same letter
  • Make number patterns
  • Draw something and guess what it is

As for me and my sister when we were little, one of our main favourites was writing lists of our favourite names and writing the best names for Popples!

popple and baby

(this is a Popple in case anyone has missed out on them during childhood!)

Any fellow Popple lovers here do let me know in the comments πŸ˜‰ What were your favourite game with a pen and paper and what do you children enjoy now?

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31 thoughts on “Activities and Games with a Pen and Paper”

  1. Best paper game – obviously chicken and pop… πŸ˜‰

    I had forgotten about that draw a bit and fold a bit one. Also similar to that was “consequences”. I love stop the bus as well. Or make a magazine, hot smash!

  2. I wanted a popple when I was younger (80’s child lol) – they rocked!
    I love the idea of pen and paper games, as it is something you can do wherever you are. Having a decent compendium of games stored up is so great – as it means you don’t end up playing naughts and crosses for 3 hours straight to kill time. Super ideas – thank you πŸ™‚
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