Royal Platinum Jubilee Activities for Kids (Free Printables)

This June marks 70 years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign and is celebrated with the Platinum Jubilee.

You can find out what is the platinum jubilee all about with our simple guide for kids, and print out some of these fun free activities to keep the kids entertained and in a Jubilee party mood!

In this blog post we have three sets of free printable Royal Platinum Jubilee Activities for Kids, for everyone to enjoy.

Design a Platinum Jubilee Cake

Celebrations are the perfect time for cake! What would the ideal platinum jubilee celebration cake look like?

In this printable Jubilee worksheet, kids are challenged to design a platinum jubilee celebration cake for the Queen. Show what it looks like inside the slide as well as on the outside, and label the flavours of the cake.

design a platinum jubilee celebration cake

Here are a few royal cakes and celebration party cakes for inspiration!

royal jubilee cupcakes

Platinum Jubilee Word Search

Challenge the kids to find all of the royal words in this word search activity sheet.

  • Palace
  • Queen
  • Jubilee
  • Platinum
  • Celebration
  • Seventy
  • Elizabeth
  • Royal Family
  • Bank Holiday
  • Monarch
  • Sceptre
  • Orb
  • Crown
  • Throne
jubilee wordsearch printable

Royal Word Search answers

If you need some help on one or two, here is the solution page answer key. Keep it out of sight while the kids complete the word search activity!

Letter to the Queen Template

Do your kids want to write a letter to the queen?

Here is a letter to the queen template you can use to help them in their royal mission.

writing a letter to the queen

What to include in a Jubilee letter to the Queen?

  • Congratulations on celebrating 70 years of service
  • Some information about yourself
  • How you are going to celebrate the platinum Jubilee
  • Some questions for the Queen – what would you like to ask her?

Address to send a letter to the Queen

You can send your letter to Buckingham Palace at this address

Her Majesty the Queen

Buckingham Palace



tips for writing a letter to the queen
template for writing a letter to the queen
write a letter to the queen template and address

More Jubilee Activities for Kids

Download PDF Files

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Letter to the Queen Template Printable PDF

Royal Word Search Printable PDF

Design Your Own Jubilee Cake Printable PDF

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More to Download for the Jubilee

The below colouring pages and activity sheets can be download in our Jubilee decorations post, if you need some more worksheets to keep the kids busy during the 70th Jubilee this year

royal crown printable
corgi colouring page
platinum jubilee maze printable


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platinum jubilee resources and free printables

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