Summer Kids Coloring Pages

Summer is fast approaching and kids are looking forward to their favorite summer activities. You know the perfect thing to help them relax and enjoy some down time in between the business of summer activities, beach and vacations? Summer themed coloring pages. 

We have put together a set of 9 free printable Summer kids coloring pages that you can download and print at the end of this blog post.

There’s no better way to spend a summer afternoon with your kids than doing some coloring. Whether it’s just for fun or as a way to pass the time while traveling, kids coloring is a timeless popular activity. It’s simple and entertaining—and can be done virtually anywhere with the right supplies. 

summer kids coloring pages free printable

Here are some kid-friendly coloring pages to get your kids ready for the summer!

Summer Kids Copy Coloring

Download and print these fun summer coloring pages for kids, with 9 different summer pictures to color.

All 9 of these free printable coloring pages have pictures of children having fun at the beach or in the summer.

When I was a kid, my favorite type of coloring pages to use were the ones with pictures of people. If your child is the same, they are going to love the fun coloring pictures in this free printable summer pack.

These coloring pages are copy coloring pages – but you can also use them as regular coloring sheets if you prefer.

What is Copy Coloring

Copy coloring pages are a type of coloring page where there is an example shown, so kids can match their crayon colors to the colors shown in the finished picture.

This is totally optional. Some kids love the challenge of matching up the colors, and appreciate the guidance for their picture.

Other children want to freestyle it and pick their own color palette. The great thing about these summer coloring pages is that you can use it either way, it’s totally versatile.

Free Printable Summer Coloring Pages for Kids

The first summer coloring page has a yummy ice cream picture to color.

Color this girl in pink just like the example, or decorate her outfit any way you like! What flavor should the ice cream be? We also have a full set of ice cream coloring pages so check out those too if your kids can’t get enough of summer ice cream coloring.

Kids Ice Cream Color Pages

summer ice cream coloring page for kids

This little boy loves ice cream too! Color in his cool t-shirt and pick the flavor for his delicious ice cream on a hot summer day.

boy ice cream coloring page

Beach Coloring Pages

This boy is relaxing on the beach, a perfect way to spend a summer day!

Kids of all ages will have so much fun coloring and decorating this beach coloring page.

You can make it even more creative by mixing some sand and glue and adding that to your picture for a real summer texture!

beach coloring page for kids summer

Make a sand castle at the beach and then make your own sand castle picture with this sandcastle coloring page.

Sand Castle Coloring Pages

summer sandcastle coloring page

This girl loves making sand castles on the beach too. She grabbed her bucket and spade to get digging and building, and added some flags and shells for decorations.

A friendly crab came crawling out of the sea to say hello, too!

summer sandcastle coloring page

Summer Popsicle Coloring Pages

This girl loves eating popsicles on hot summer afternoons! Which kind is her favorite? Color in the picture and find out.

summer popsicle coloring page

These kids are having a great time paddling in the sea. There is plenty to color with this fun beach coloring page.

Summer Swimming Color Pages

You could give your kids water color paints to complete this picture, to add to the watery feel.

summer sea coloring page

This boy will have the best time swimming with his inflatable at the pool this summer, or even in the sea.

Kids can copy the colors in the example with a red spotty inflatable, or make up their own design.

summer swimming pool coloring page

Summer Flowers Coloring Page

This sweet boy had fun at the park this summer and picked some wild flowers for mom – what a beautiful gift.

summer kid with flowers coloring printable

Which summer coloring page will your child pick to color in first?

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Terms of use: free for personal use, and free for classroom use.

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Free Printable Summer Coloring Pages for Kids

Happy coloring! Enjoy the summer!

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