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Today I’m welcoming Helen of Witty Hoots to share a fun summer sand pictures craft with you.

How to Make Sand Pictures for Summer Fun

We love going to the beach when the weather allows us too. Often when we are there we find all sorts of different things to collect and take home plus we often end up with shoes and socks full of sand!

This gave us an idea about how we could make some souvenirs from our beach visits as well as keeping the kids happy on those days that we cannot get to the beach!

Sand art. Lots of fun ways to make sand pictures with kids

Equipment and Materials:

Sand (we are using play sand)


PVA Glue



Four Different Ways of Making and Using Sand in Pictures

Making Plain ‘Sandy Glue’ Paint Pictures.

Take some PVA glue and put it into a plastic pot. Add a handful of sand and mix until you have sandy glue or ‘paint’.

Take a brush and a paint a picture with the sandy glue paint. This is great if you are painting a beach scene or sandcastle as it makes it look like a real beach!

Making Coloured ‘Sandy Glue Paint’.

Similar to the above method but add a little squeeze of coloured paint to the mixture. This should give your sandy paint a hint of colour but you should still be able to see the sand as well once it had dried. You could also add some glitter for a different effect. This is really great if you are painting rock pools!

Sand and Paint

Making Textured Paint with Sand.

Add some poster paint to a pot and mix in some sand. Do not add too much sand as you still want to be able to paint with it.

Use it as ordinary paint but when it dries it will add texture to your painting or collage.

Making a Picture by Using Sand Like Glitter.

This is great for adding sand to a picture, just like you would add glitter! Add some PVA glue or use a glue stick on certain parts of the picture. Sprinkle some dry sand over the top of the glue and then shake off any excess (just like you would use glitter). Put to one side and allow to dry.

These sand pictures are a great way of making souvenirs and memories of long summer days at the beach and make great pictures to hand on the walls too!

Art with Sand

Helen is a former primary school teacher and art historian. She writes for Witty Hoots which is a family focused blog. Her children love playing and learning at the same time. Helen is keen to balance school time with play sessions that allow them to explore, learn and having lots of fun too! 

Helen encourages her daughter to paint, explore with sensory play dough and develop gross and fine motor skills as well. She often shares these ideas through her website

Helen’s eldest child has a keen interest in music and hope to study music at University

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