Playmobil Zoo Range

Playmobil is a fantastic toy for imaginary play, allowing children to explore different worlds and get lost in stories and their imagination. My 4 year old daughter N loves Playmobil, and her brothers also used to love these toys when they were younger. We were sent a couple of products from the Playmobil Zoo range to review, and these are already well loved in our house, so we were not disappointed.

The toys from the Playmobil Zoo range that we tried out, are the Lion Enclosure (above left) and the Zoo gift set (right). As with all Playmobil, these can be easily mixed and matched and combined with any other sets you want to get from the range, to expand your playful world.

You can see the full zoo range here on the Playmobil website – there are so many cool sets available, whether you want to get the large city zoo set or buy sets of specific animals to add to your zoo. The animals are pretty realistic too, which is great.

Something that we love about the Playmobil zoo set, and all Playmobil in general, is the attention to detail. You get so many little pieces included that really help to enhance the imaginary play and allow children to include more detail within their role play and stories.

The lion enclosure set has lots of tiny little details like meat for the lions to eat, and a viewing gallery for the zoo visitors which even has a little telescope viewer for the Playmobil people to use!

We loved the detail of the individual Playmobil people. They all have different outfits to show personality – look at this Zoo keeper with their Zoo logo on the hat and top. So cute!

Playing with these sets keeps my daughter engaged for quite a long time, she will happily sit moving around the Playmobil people and making up her own stories. It’s lovely to see her doing this, and this type of play is great for children’s development in many ways – from hand eye coordination playing with the small pieces, to speech and language development as they create their own stories.

We would definitely recommend these sets for children of around this age.

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