Playmobil Fire Chief Car Review

This year, we’re continuing as Playmobil Playologists and we’re starting off this year’s reviews with the Playmobil Fire Chief Car, from the City Action range.

I’ve always been a fan of Playmobil toys as they last really well and withstand lots of play, encouraging the kids imaginations. The Fire Chief’s car was a big hit with R and has been a great addition to my boys’ Playmobil collection.


As with most Playmobil, it needs some putting together once you get it out of the box but that doesn’t take long and the instructions are pretty clear. These are the bags included:


And the finished Fire Chief’s Car:


The set comes with one Playmobil fire fighter figure and all the accessories he needs to do his job: traffic cones, megaphone, handheld sign, a fire extinguisher, a walkie talkie and of course his fireman’s helmets.


The firefighter can sit inside the Fire Chief’s car. It’s possible to easily remove and replace the car roof to put the figures in and out more easily


The car itself has some fun features like a boot that opens, and also has lights and sounds. You’ll need to add 1 AAA battery, which isn’t included in the box. You can also upgrade the car to be a remote control, which we’ve not looked into yet but seems like an interesting option.

Playmobil is great for children from preschool age all through primary school. My youngest (just turned 5) is the biggest Playmobil user in our family, but his older brothers 6, and 8 will often happily join in with it too. For children with lots of imagination who enjoy role playing and making up their own stories, it’s a really good toy that will get loads of use.


We have some fire fighter Playmobil figures and accessories already from the PLAYMOBIL fire and rescue operation Advent Calendar that we had last year, and you can very easily mix and match pieces together from different sets so R soon combined all of these together with the Fire Chief’s car to expand his Playmobil fire fighter games even more.

As Playmobil have been working closely with London Fire Brigade lately, then you also get some extra special edition London Fire Brigade stickers in the box with this set, which is a nice touch.


Check out the Playmobil Fire Chief’s car here, where it’s available for £18.99 – so quite an affordable set. This type of set would be really good if you have a preschooler who’s very into playing with vehicles (as all of my boys were from about 2), and you want to introduce them to Playmobil as they’re starting to get a bit older, since they get the big vehicle with this but also all of the accessories to extend the play.

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