Playmobil Pirates Review

As Playmobil Playologists we’re lucky to get sent lots of different Playmobil sets to try out throughout the year. Recently, R was sent a couple of Playmobil Pirates sets and these have been some of his favourite sets so far!

The Playmobil Pirates sets that he received are the Pirate Fort SuperSet and the Pirate Raft. These two compliment each other really well and there are even more pirate sets that you could combine with them, including a treasure island, a pirate look out and more. One of the great things about Playmobil is how well you can mix and match the sets together!


Both sets are pretty quick to put together, and once built they look like this:

Pirate Fort Superset


This set includes three pirate figures, several animals, a rowing boat, cannon, fort that’s accessible to play from both sides, and loads of little accessories


The door of the fort opens up to allow the Playmobil figures to go through it, and there’s some extra space there inside the fort to keep some accessories and treasure, on two levels.



Pirate Raft


The pirate raft set comes with two Playmobil figures, a working cannon, and a few accessories and weapons for the two pirates.


and here are the two sets together:


R loved playing with both sets together, making the two groups of pirates into enemies where one set would try to invade the fort and steal the treasure. He has kept coming back to these sets time after time and making up so many different pirate stories. It’s lovely to hear him playing with it, as it occupies him so well and stimulates his imagination.


R is 5 which is a perfect age for Playmobil, although my older (6 and 8) boys do play with it too. I have recommended these pirate sets for friends looking for ideas for their boys of similar ages, especially as this pirate theme seems to have gone down particularly well with R! Because there are so many little accessories included, it gives so many bits to play with, and to prompt ideas for the play going in different directions. We love the little animals included – there’s a rat, a scorpian, a goat, a parrot – and all the other little details like the hanging light and the bucket to store the weapons add a great touch too, you can clearly see lots of thought has been put into making and designing these sets (as with all Playmobil)


For the amount of accessories you get in these sets, they’re very good value too – especially the Pirate Fort Superset at 19.99! The pirate raft is very reasonable at 11.99 too.

As with all Playmobil, the Pirates range should last very well. I’m hoping all of ours will last to be passed down to R’s little sister once he’s finished with it, and I’m pretty confident that it will as it can take loads of play and is normally pretty indestructible!


Playmobil How to Train Your Dragon

Also, look out for the new licensed Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon sets coming to Playmobil in 2017!

I’m sure these will be a massive hit with R too – we’re big fans of Toothless here, so these new sets are really exciting news.


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