DIY Pizza Box & Playmobil Board Game: Race to the Lost Treasure

Making your own board games at home is easy and is always a lot of fun, especially since making your own game means that you can change the design and theme as often as you like. For this DIY game, we used a cardboard pizza box as the base and painted it with a plain game board, which we accessorised with Playmobil to create this game.

DIY board game made from a cardboard pizza box that's painted, and adding some playmobil figures

To make the board, first paint the whole of the box white to provide a clean background to paint on and once that’s dry you’re ready to paint on your game board in whatever shape, colour or design you like.

Since the game board is inside the box, you can fold it back closed so that it takes up less space while you’re not playing, and even keep game pieces inside if you want to.

We added Playmobil pirates to give a theme to our game, with pirate figures for playing pieces and the treasure chest on the finish square, as a reward for the winner.

DIY pirate themed game with playmobil

You will also need a nice, whether you make one from a wooden block or just grab one from another game. We have a few giant dice that we keep for using in any game.

diy board game made from a cardboard pizza box and playmobil


We kept the rules of this game super simple: just roll the dice and move along that number of squares. The first player to reach the treasure wins. These simple rules are perfect for my youngest (age 3) to grasp quickly, and gives some fun and easy practise with turn taking and counting.

pirate themed diy game with playmobil

To extend the game play, have each player take one piece of treasure when they reach the treasure chest, and continue playing until all of the treasure has been claimed. The player with the most pieces will be the winner.

make your own cardboard box board gameR loved the theme of pirates racing towards their treasure! But the great thing with making a plain board is that you can mix it up another time by placing something else at the finish line, like maybe a space ship or rocket and use space man figures or use knights and place a castle at the finish line – whatever ties in with your little ones interests. Playmobil figures are great for this since they have a lot of varieties. Lego minifigures and other small figures will work perfectly too.

You could also write more detailed instructions on each space, if you want players to skip ahead or go back a certain amount of spaces on some special squares.

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