Playmobil Advent Calendar – Pirates Treasure Island

These days there are so many cool types of advent calendars you can get for the kids – it doesn’t have to be just the simple chocolate calendars any more! Our favourite type of advent calendars tends to be the Playmobil advent calendars, and this year they sent us a Pirates themed advent calendar to try out (Playmobil Pirates Treasure Island)

Since R has been loving his Playmobil Pirates sets recently, he was really happy to get this calendar as all the pieces compliment the sets so well and allowed him to expand his pirate collection!


(thats the class fox who happened to be here when the Playmobil advent calendar arrived, so of course he had to photobomb it!)

PLAYMOBIL is a top manufacturer within preschool toys, so when buying Playmobil advent calendars, you know that everything inside is going to be great quality and will last long after the Christmas season is finished. We still have all of the figures and accessories from our Playmobil Fire advent calendar that R had last year. (see last year’s calendar post here!)


Inside the Playmobil advent calendar, you’ll find one piece of Playmobil per day – some days this could be a whole figure, or a larger piece to add to the scene, and some days it might be smaller items like a few weapons, a little animal, or a detail to add to one of the figures you’ve already opened. When you look on the back of the packet, you’ll be able to see what’s going to be inside each day (so hide this before giving it to the kids if you want to keep up the suspense!)


Inside the packet, you also get a cardboard back drop which you can use to start building your pirate scene and displaying the pieces as you open up the new bits each day.


The cardboard scenery also makes a fun back drop while kids are playing with the pieces, so once everything is opened R likes to keep his along with his Playmobil collection and continues to use it with his normal sets.

As you can see, there’s a really good amount of Playmobil included once you’ve opened up all of the days!

R particularly liked the ghost pirate figure who was included..


..and I love all the little details like the piles of jewels and the treasure map.


There’s loads of play value with these advent calendars. Since Playmobil is such a high quality and long lasting toy, it’s something that can be kept and added to the children’s Playmobil collections each year rather than being something gimmicky that’s just bought for the advent season and is all finished once the month is up.


If you haven’t tried Playmobil advent calendars, I’d definitely give them a go! It would be a lovely tradition to get one of these each year, once your child is about 4 years old, then every year they can keep building up the collection, like R has been doing with his Fire one and now Pirates.

Visit the Playmobil site to find out more about their range of Advent Calendars – there are loads of themes available, and our Pirate Treasure Island one shown in this post is one of the new ones.

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  1. Ahhh this is so lovely! I have already bought my son a toy advent calendar but I might have to get this one too, the bits are fab! x


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