Playmobil City Action Rescue Boat with Water Hose #PLAYMOBILPlayologist

We’re happy to announce that our family is one of the #PLAYMOBILPlayologist families this year, and we will be working with Playmobil to test out some of their toys throughout the year and share Playmobil news with you.

I love the huge range of toys that Playmobil has and how they encourage imaginative play, and the boys were so excited to see the first selection of Playmobil toys arrive in the post.

The first toy that we’ll be reviewing is the Playmobil City Action Rescue Boat with Water Hose. This combines really nicely with the City Action Coast Guard Station with Lighthouse that we’ll also be reviewing.



This is a large boat that comes with three Playmobil people and plenty of accessories. It also has the very cool feature of a working hose!

When you open up the box, you will first need to assemble the boat. This doesn’t take too long but was too difficult for R, who is just turned 4 so I let him play with the Playmobil characters and accessories while I put most of it together and soon we had our fully working boat.

playmobil-boat2The boat has plenty of detail, with lights and life rings that can be attached and detached to be used by the characters. The sections on top of the boat can be lifted up to easily access the inner areas, where the characters can go inside. It also comes with a working winch at the front, with a string that can be wound and a steering wheel that the Playmobil characters can hold and turn.

The other main feature is the working water hose at you operate at the back of the boat. You can fill the water tank at the back, then use the pump to shoot out the water. This is pretty different to any other boats the boys have, and is a fun feature to bring their play to life!

playmobil-boat3The boat also floats on water, so you can play with it in a water table to help kids get really involved with their water rescue imaginary games! We played with it on the tuff spot to easily contain some of the water shooting.

Our favourite thing about Playmobil has always been the little characters and all of their accessories and this set didn’t disappoint in that regard. The three figures come with life jackets, carry cases and walkie talkies and all three have different looks with a mix of male and female characters.


All three of my boys (4, 5 and 7) have enjoyed playing with this toy, making up all kinds of stories and rescue situations. The great thing with this set when combined with the City Action Coast Guard Station with Lighthouse is that there are plenty of people and the set is big enough for all three to play together well, having enough for each of them to do without the need for any squabbling. Equally, they will play with this set very well alone too. With his older brothers out at school, R will happily disappear to his room to play with this for quite a while!

I love to see the children so absorbed in this type of play and they are loving building up their Playmobil collection.

Look out for the 2nd part of this review, covering the City Action Coast Guard Station with Lighthouse – coming tomorrow!

Check out the Playmobil website to see more toys in the City Action range

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