Magna-Tiles Stardust Set Review

Magna-Tiles are one of our favourite open ended toys for the kids. They are brilliant for imaginary play, building and exploring. Over the years, we have always had sets of Magna-Tiles and when I am playing with these with my younger child, even the older kids can’t resist getting involved and putting something together. They are just so tempting and fun. Magna-Tiles are very appealing with their translucent colours, but recently we were sent a set of the new Magna-Tiles Stardust to review, and they are even more pretty. Magna-Tiles with added glitter, and even mirror pieces.. they are gorgeous to look at and to play with.

This Magna-Tiles Stardust set comes with 15 pieces of all different colours and the great thing with Magna-Tiles is that you can combine with any other sets you may already have, mix and match, and build up your collection.

There are so many ways that kids can play with Magna-Tiles on top of building houses (or my children always like making prisons for their toy figures…)The tiles help children to explore and develop their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, creative thinking, as well as encouraging engineering skills.

Whether building a colourful rainbow, a bustling city or a soaring rocket ship, little ones will be getting a head start on learning shapes, colours and basic building skills.

We also have fun using Magna-Tiles to create board game tracks to use with dice. Just roll, and move that many spaces along your Magnatiles track to race to the finish line.

The pieces are great quality and will last for years and years. My 4 year old N really enjoys playing with these, and they are so satisfying to build with. The shapes have a unique ability to always attract, even when the tiles are flipped – it’s the secret power of the click! This means it’s not frustrating at all to play with, and it’s very intuitive for kids to be able to put the pieces together and start building some amazing creations.

The Magna-Tiles Stardust set is available for around RRP from Smyths Toys

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