Playmobil Ghostbusters Firehouse Review

Playmobil have recently brought out a new licensed Ghostbusters range, which is the first time that characters based Playmobil has been available. R is a big fan of Playmobil, who are a top manufacturer within preschool toys, so we were excited to try this out and were sent the Playmobil GhostBusters Firehouse set for review.

The Ghostbusters Firehouse set is one of the larger sets, featuring a multi-story firehouse with five Playmobil figures along with lots of furniture and accessories.

The Playmobil figures included are: Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, Janine Melnitz, Louis Tully and the library ghost.

R wasn’t actually familiar with these characters, as he had been expecting a Ghostbusters set to have Slimer or the Marshmallow man in it since those are the more recognisable Ghostbuster characters to him. Those are available with some of the other sets however, so you can get them and add them into your Playmobil Ghostbuster collection if you wish.

As it’s a bigger Playmobil set (228 pieces) this will take a while to build. I would recommend an adult to put it together rather than a child, as some parts are tricky, so I preferred to put it together in the evening and present it ready built to R in the morning.

The details of this set are quite impressive, and especially big Ghostbusters fans would really appreciate that I’m sure. The amount of accessories included in the set is really good, and opens it up to lots of possibilities as it can be arranged in many different ways within the firehouse.

We particularly liked some of the features like the roll up garage door. You can buy the Playmobil vehicle separately to use with this, if you want the complete set.

Although it’s a really impressive big set, this surprisingly hasn’t been one of R’s most played with Playmobil sets and I’ve found he’s got more play time and imaginary play from some of the smaller or medium sized sets (like his Playmobil pirates range, which was a big hit)

He’s enjoyed putting the figures down the fireman’s poll and playing with the ghost busting weapons and tools, but his play with this set was a bit more short lived and limited than with some of his other Playmobil.

We also found this set came apart at times during play, which R found a bit frustrating, and which hasn’t happened with our other sets. It’s worth noting that this set is recommended for age 6+ whereas the other Playmobil we have is mostly 4+, and I think perhaps that has made a difference as this set is a little more delicate (R is 5). We had a bit of trouble with the stairs, as you might notice in the picture above we couldn’t get them to go together properly and stay in place.

Overall, I would recommend this set to Playmobil fans who are bigger Ghostbusters fans, and would probably recommend it more for the slightly older child of 6 or 7. As with all Playmobil, you can mix and match the pieces easily, so I do see this set getting more play with over time, and may be in combination with some of R’s other sets to expand it into different imaginary games.

You can see the full range of Playmobil Ghostbusters toys here

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