PLAYMOBIL Super 4 Take Along Black Baron’s Castle #PLAYMOBILPlayologist

If your kids love playing with Playmobil, they’ll love to watch the new Playmobil TV show, Super 4. You can  watch it on CITV or on Netflix. My boys have got into this show lately, so they were really pleased to try out some of the new Super 4 toys that Playmobil have brought out to go along with the show.

As one of this years Playmobil Playologists, We were sent the Playmobil Super 4 Take Along Black Baron’s Castle, and it has been a big hit!

Super 4 Take Along Black Baron's Castle

This set is quite small and can be folded up closed to make it portable, but still has a lot of play value and feels like quite a substantial Playmobil set. This set is the Black Baron’s castle from the Super 4 show and my boys did recognise this from the show, and were excited to play with it.

The set includes loads of details and features, and has 3 Super 4 knights (including the Black Baron – who is a baddy in the show) and a horse for him to ride. It doesn’t include any of the four main Super 4 characters: Alex, Gene, Twinkle, or Ruby but these are available in some of the other Super 4 Sets.

Super 4 Take Along Black Baron's Castle

We also got the Black Colossos figure which is one of the characters you can buy separately as a stand alone (RRP 9.99) and it fits in really well with this set. This is a really cool Playmobil character, as he’s larger than other characters and pretty unique. He makes an impressive baddy!

Playmobil Super4 Kingsland Kolossos Black ColossusHere’s the castle set from the back, as you can see it has several different sections and rooms for the Playmobil characters to go.

Super 4 Take Along Black Baron's CastleThere’s a trap door down from the top, which leads to the upper floor where you can see the ladder

Super 4 Take Along Black Baron's Castle Super 4 Take Along Black Baron's CastleAnd at the front, you can open the castle draw bridge and walk or ride the knights through. There’s a wall mounted cross bow to shoot at intruding knights, and plenty of bows and arrows and weapon accessories for the figures too – which my boys love! They can re-enact scenes from the Super 4 show, or use their imagination to make up their own ideas.

Super 4 Take Along Black Baron's CastleWhen you want to fold up the castle to store, you need to remove the side turrets, and then you can fold both sides of the castle inwards and secure at the back, and there’s a handle at the top. You can store all of the figures and accessories inside (my boys favourite is the treasure chest, complete with lots of tiny gold coins)

folded up Super 4 Take Along Black Baron's CastleThey’ve had plenty of fun playing with this Super 4 castle set, and it appeals to all of my boys – aged 4, 5 and 7. None of them can resist getting involved with Playmobil and it’s a great toy for them to share and play together imaginatively.

playing with the Super 4 Take Along Black Baron's Castle playing with Super 4 Take Along Black Baron's Castle

The PLAYMOBIL Super 4 Kingsland Take Along castle is available from all good toy shops including online at the Playmobil website for around RRP 44.99

Visit the Playmobil Super 4 site to learn more and check out other Super 4 toys in the range including Techno Chameleon with Gene, Royal Tribune with Alex, Musical Flower Tower with Twinkle, and Camouflage Pirate Fort with Ruby.

If your kids are into Playmobil Super 4, then you might also want to check out the Super 4 treasure trails that are available for free in London from now until Christmas. We went along to try out Ruby’s trail and had a fun time with the kids. Find out more here.

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