Spinning Top Fireworks Painting

Whether for New Year’s Eve, Bonfire Night, or 4th July, Fireworks always make a fun theme for art work with the kids.

We first tried out spinning top painting a while back, with a huge cardboard canvas in our living room. It is pretty messy, but a lot of fun! I had been thinking that the spinning top painting would be great for fireworks pictures when done on a black background, so of course we had to give it a go.

Spinning top Fireworks painting for New Year's Eve

For these pictures, we did the spinning top painting on a smaller scale with black card. Just be aware that when you spin the tops fast, the paint will fly around a bit and may go further than the page, so cover the area thoroughly with some newspaper or oil cloth if you’re worried about that. Luckily our kitchen table wipes clean very easily, so I didn’t mind too much!

All you need is:

  • Black card or paper
  • Coloured paint (we used washable children’s ready mixed poster paint)
  • Small spinning tops, the kind you can buy as party bag toys.

In the pictures, you’ll see we also used glitter glue but it didn’t spin so well like the paint, so I would suggest leaving that out and just sprinkling some loose glitter on after wards or adding a few smaller squeezes of glitter glue at the end

painting with spinning tops

Get the kids to drop a few splodges of paint all over the page, and then when you have a few fairly evenly spread splodges, they can be let loose with the spinners.

Start off the spinner in the centre of each of the paint splodges and watch the colours spin and spread, shooting over the page like a firework! They can keep going as long as they like and see how the colours mix together and make a cool effect.

painting with spinning tops. new years eve firework pictures

For extra fireworks atmosphere, you could play some fireworks music or sound effects while working on these, to help the kids really get into it!

spinning top firework art

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painting with spinning tops to make a fireworks picture

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