15 Fireworks Crafts for Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve or 4th July

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As it’s Bonfire Night coming up this week, of course I couldn’t resist featuring some beautiful fireworks crafts and activities.

I love fireworks and bonfire night, it’s my favourite part of the Autumn season and these craft ideas should definitely get you in the fireworks mood!

Because I love fireworks so much, I have gathered a whole list of Fireworks crafts and activities to share with you all.

These are so much fun for kids of all ages and are perfect for all kind of Fireworks celebrations like Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve, July 4th or Diwali

Awesome fireworks crafts - perfect for Bonfire night, Diwali or New Years eve, these are creative, fun and easy!

Toilet Roll Stamper Fireworks Painting by In The Playroom

Toilet paper rolls, or kitchen roll tubes are one of the most versatile craft supplies. As well as using them to create something you can also turn them into stampers for so many fun painting activities like this one that we used to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

You can easily adapt this fireworks painting craft for bonfire night, Diwali or any occasion. It is really easy even for younger kids.

Printable Fireworks Colouring Pages by In The Playroom

These colouring pages are great for kids to decorate with their favourite crayons or use as a template for all kinds of fireworks crafts. There are lots of different designs included, in this free printable PDF

Fireworks painting by Crafts on Sea

Have fun stamping with wool to create texture for your fireworks picture.

fireworks painting print activity

Spinning Top Fireworks Painting by In The Playroom

This is a really fun and active way to create fireworks pictures – messy, but great fun for kids of all ages.

making fireworks painting with spinning tops

Coloured Sand Fireworks Pictures by In The Playroom

Have fun creating your own fireworks in the night sky using glue and different coloured sand. All that squeezing is great for developing fine motor skills.

coloured sand fireworks pictures

Salt Art Fireworks by Mum in the Madhouse

Using coloured salt gives a similar effect and is a great way to craft and explore colours.

salt art fireworks painting

Sparkler Firework craft by My Little 3 and Me

This is such a cute celebratory fireworks craft!

fireworks craft sparklers

Fireworks Pictures with Chalk Markers by In The Playroom

Explore all kinds of different materials for drawing and painting your fireworks pictures. Chalk markers are really vibrant especially against a black background

chalk markers fireworks craft

Fireworks Straw Painting by I Can Teach My Child

This one is great for developing the mouth muscles and is so much fun. It creates a really cool effect!

fireworks blow painting

Firework Playdough at Fantastic Fun and Learning

Set up a fireworks theme with your play dough station and let the kids get busy creating and playing.

Fireworks and Bonfire Night Collages at In The Playroom

As well as fireworks, why not create a bonfire craft?

Edible Sparklers by Mum in the Madhouse

A craft activity that you can eat afterwards? Perfect! Make these edible sparklers with the kids.

Fireworks Biscuits by The Brick Castle

Another yummy fireworks activity to make and eat.

Fireworks Hand Print and Glitter Paintings by Nurture Store

This is a great way for kids to explore colours and have fun creating

fireworks hand print

Fork Firework Painting by Crafty Morning

Using a fork to create your fireworks gives a brilliant effect

fork art fireworks

Scratch Art Fireworks by Mum in the Madhouse

Scratch art is a perfect way to put together some really effective fireworks pictures.

scratch art fireworks

Water and Oil Fireworks by Juggling with Kids

This fireworks activity combines science, sensory and lots of fun

water and oil fireworks activity

Fireworks Ring Craft from Fantastic Fun and Learning

Make something cool and dress up with these pipe cleaner fireworks rings

fireworks ring craft with pipe cleaners

Fireworks Sensory Bottle by The Train Driver’s Wife

Make fireworks in a bottle, this is lots of fun for younger children to explore and observe, and for older kids to make themselves.

Wet Chalk Fireworks by Crafty Morning

The wet chalk makes a much more vibrant colour against the black background

wet chalk fireworks craft

For any non UK readers who are less familiar with Bonfire Night traditions here in the UK, check out my guest post over at Kid World Citizen all about November 5th: Guy Fawkes Day which will give you a little more background info.

I hope you liked these fireworks crafts and activities as much as I do!

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Whether you are looking for ideas for Bonfire Night, Diwali, New Year or Independence Day we have crafts and activities for all times of the year here on In The Playroom.

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