Free Printable Fireworks Colouring Pages for Kids

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Fireworks are a huge part of so many celebrations throughout the year, for many cultures and communities. Whatever the festival, watching the fireworks together is a great way to spend time with family and get in the holiday spirit.

Today we have a set of free Fireworks colouring pages printables that you can use for kids activities around Bonfire Night, Diwali, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year or 4th July.

There are two pages with Fireworks pictures to color and one Fireworks craft template for the kids to decorate using glitter, glitter glue, sequins, coloured sand or whatever materials they would like. So much fun for kids of all ages.

kids watching fireworks

My kids and I absolutely love watching Fireworks. We wait for Bonfire Night all year long. It’s one of our favourite holidays because of the fireworks. They are so beautiful, mesmerizing, and captivating.

The colors are amazing. And it reminds me that there are still things worth celebrating in this world. We get to see the sky light up with festive colours every year, which is something not everyone gets to experience in life. And while some people find fireworks scary, my kids and I adore seeing them on display in the sky.

colourful blue and green fireworks

Whether your kids love fireworks or are a little bit scared, these fireworks printables and colouring pages can help to get them excited for Fireworks season.

Free Printable Fireworks Colouring Pages

We have two versions of the fireworks colouring pages for you to print out for the kids to colour in and decorate using felt tip pens, markers, crayons, colouring pencils or paints – whichever they prefer.

They can add all their favourite colours to make a beautiful fireworks display on the page.

Here is a preview of both versions of the fireworks coloring pages and you can download the full pack of both pages plus the printable craft template at the end of this blog post.

Get ready to colour the fireworks!

free printable fireworks coloring page for bonfire night or diwali or New Years eve or 4th July

We have also added a couple of discussion prompts to the colouring pages – Can you count the fireworks and which ones do you like the best? You can also talk about different types of fireworks.

There are three major types of fireworks that you will find at most shows: fountain, aerial, and mine. Fountain fireworks have a variety of styles that throw sparks into the air in a spiral pattern. My favorite type is mine fireworks because they produce a lot of noise and can last up to 20 seconds!

Catherine wheels, rockets and hand held sparkles are also some of the most popular types of fireworks.

free printable fireworks coloring page for bonfire night or diwali or New Years eve or 4th July

You can also talk about the different words to describe fireworks sounds like crash, boom, bang, pow, fizz, or what kind of music you would chose to accompany your own fireworks display.

You could play different types of music while the children colour the fireworks pictures and let them see if this affects the colours and styles of decorating that they choose to go with.

What else do the kids love about fireworks night? Maybe making toffee apples, or watching the bonfire?

You can also take the opportunity to talk about fire safety tips with the kids.

Free Printable Fireworks Craft Template

Use this Fireworks print out as a base for your own easy fireworks crafts. Have the children decorate the fireworks shapes with glitter and sequins, using glue sticks such as pritt stick or PVA glue (white glue / school glue) and a glue spreader.

You can also take a short cut and use coloured glitter glues like these below from Baker Ross. Baker Ross have so many cheap craft supplies so definitely worth checking out their range and stocking up (aff)

colourful jumbo glitter glue

Coloured sand or coloured salt also works really well for this craft idea, again using the glue to stick it to the page.

free printable fireworks craft template  for bonfire night or diwali or New Years eve or 4th July
fireworks in the night sky


Click the download button at the bottom of the file preview, for your free instant digital download of these colouring pages in a PDF format for easy printing.


If you liked these Fireworks Coloring Sheets for kids, please feel free share this blog post with your friends or add to your Pinterest boards – thank you!

Free Printable Fireworks Colouring Pages for Kids. Great for Diwali, Bonfire Night, Fireworks Night, or New Years Eve. There is also a firework craft template included. Click the pin image to download all for free

Happy Bonfire Night / Happy Diwali / Happy New Year / Happy 4th July! Whatever you’re celebrating right now – we hope you have a great day 🙂

If you are looking for some more crafts and activities to help you celebrate check out these ideas and resources for Bonfire Night, Diwali, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year or 4th July.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful fireworks coloring pages and craft template!The coloring pages allow kids to express their creativity while the craft template provides a hands-on activity to decorate with glitter and other materials. It’s a fantastic way to engage children and get them excited about fireworks season.


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