How To Draw Fireworks Step by Step Free Printable 

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Whether you’re preparing for 4th July, Diwali, New Years or Bonfire night, let us introduce a colorful, fun-filled art project that will light up your celebrations. Today, we’re bringing the dazzling spectacle of fireworks right into your homes with some simple steps and basic shapes. Are you ready to create your very own drawing of fireworks with the kids?

We have a free set of step by step firework drawing pages that they are going to love!

step by step guide how to draw fireworks free printable pages for kids

In this creative journey, you’ll be working with different colors, and your canvas will be nothing less than the night sky itself, recreated on a piece of black paper.

We’ll guide you, step by step, as you sketch your first firework, add straight lines to give it the exploding effect, and then gradually layer on more details and colors to bring your fiery spectacle to life.

Each previous step will set the stage for the next, building up your masterpiece layer by layer, square by square. The shape of the fireworks, the color of the sparks, the light effect that gives it a 3D feel; every aspect has been broken down into easy-to-follow instructions.

You’ll even learn how to add a final touch with diagonal stripes, further enhancing the exploding firework effect. From your first firework to the final touch, you’ll be amazed at what you can create with these straightforward guides.

So, gather your art supplies and let’s turn a simple piece of paper into a vibrant, celebratory spectacle.

Happy drawing and let’s make every day a Happy New Year or a Happy 4th of July with this exciting firework art project!

How to Draw Fireworks Step by Step Free Printable

We’re thrilled to share a brand new free printable pack today that combines creativity, learning, and fun: our ‘How to Draw Fireworks Step by Step Free Printable’!

This exciting drawing activity has been carefully designed to be engaging, accessible, and super user-friendly, perfect for both children and adults. Inside this six-page printable, you’ll find a variety of firework illustrations just waiting to be brought to life by your artistic touch.

From intricate black and white outlines to vivid color renderings, each page presents a different firework display. You’ll be able to replicate these images using a grid system – simply copy the image from the grid into the empty spaces provided. This method is excellent for improving drawing skills, understanding proportion, and boosting confidence.

So, grab your favorite drawing tools and let your creativity shine brighter than a night sky lit up with fireworks! Let’s have a blast as we embark on this colorful journey together!

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How to Draw Fireworks Black and White Outline Pages

The first three pages can be completed with just a pencil, or a black marker if you prefer. Copy each square from the grid, one by one into the empty grid below to complete your own simple fireworks pictures, with two types of exploding fireworks, and one rocket.

how to draw fireworks printable for kids
how to draw fireworks printable for kids
how to draw fireworks printable for kids

How to Draw Fireworks in Color

The next three pages show you a simple way to draw a full color firework. Each page calls for three colors – red, white and blue or yellow, orange and pink but you can mix it up and replace any color in the design with something else of your choice to make sure that your favorite colors are included.

Just like with the pencil drawing fireworks, copy each square into the empty grids below.

For the colorful fireworks pictures you could use felt tip pens, markers, wax crayons, pencil crayons, oil pastels, paint and a thin paint brush… the choice is yours!

how to draw fireworks printable for kids
how to draw fireworks printable for kids
how to draw fireworks printable for kids

More Fireworks Drawing Ideas

Once you’ve got the basics down, after using the step by step how to draw fireworks pages, you can use these techniques and recreate your fireworks drawings on black paper for an even more striking effect.

Also, add some glue to the finished picture and sprinkle some glitter and sequins, or follow along the lines with glitter glue.

You can use different materials to draw or paint your fireworks. Try painting with a Q-tip (cotton bud), using oil pastels, chalk markers, printing fireworks with a toilet paper roll, or even creating fireworks paintings using a spinning top.

Download How To Draw a Firework Drawing Pages PDF

Click below to download all 6 pages in one handy PDF file for easy printing.

Terms of use: free for personal use and free for classroom use. Not for commercial use.

Fireworks Drawing Video Tutorials

If you would like a video of how to draw fireworks to help with the visuals, then check a few of these ideas from Youtube

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how to draw fireworks step by step pages
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