Paper Plate Plane in the Clouds

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We love simple paper plate crafts, and this plane in the clouds idea combines paper plate craft with puppets making it a fun way to spend time crafting and playing with the kids.

Paper plate plane craft with plane puppets

To make this paper plate plane craft you will need:

  • Paper plate (blue – or colour it with paint, or blue tissue paper)
  • Cotton wool
  • Scissors
  • Glue (we used the wide end of the fine and wide glu pen from Bostik)

For the plane puppets:

  • Craft sticks / lolly sticks
  • Wooden plane shapes (use cardboard if you don’t have these)
  • Bostik Blu Tack
  • Sharpies or marker pens to add colour
supplies for paper plate plane in the clouds


First take your paper plate and draw out a cloud shape on the back, then cut it out leaving a gap where you will be able to see the plane puppets.

Next, apply glue around the cloud shaped hole and stick down your cotton wool.

bostik fine and wide glu pen

The wide end of the Bostik glu pen works great for this and sticks really well.

Next, you’re ready to make the plane puppets.

Take your plane shapes and add detail and colour with the sharpie pens, or felt tips. Whatever design the kids like will look great – stripes, circles etc.

Use a blob of Blu tack to attach each one to a craft stick, and they are ready to use.

craft stick plane puppets

Put the puppets together with the paper plate cloudy sky to let the planes fly.

paper plate plane in the clouds puppets

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